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    Re: ~cattleman cafe~ & another 24...

    I never liked shopping much either, Jude. Except I’ve always been fine with grocery shopping, which I still do some.

    That’s true, Pauly; we can still shop online!! You’re just making intelligent purchases, not using shopping in a “retail therapy” sort of way like we used alcohol -to make us feel better and to block out pain.

    Hibiscus is such a gorgeous flower. But I don’t really like having a potted one on my deck in the Summer, because I don’t know what to do with it when Winter comes. Nice that yours can be planted!

    Yes, Ginger, you had mentioned that the aunt that you helped move into an assisted living facility last year is your mom’s twin sister. I remembered because my daughters have always been so close to my twin sister.
    My twin sister was so suicidal for years, and we had to intervene and worry about that; but then my brother slips in the back door and just goes and does it! AARGH!!!

    My uncle lost his wife last year to dementia & Parkinson’s, shortly after her 68th birthday. In his five years of caregiving, he coped by taking his dog on a long walk every morning while she was still sleeping. It really helped him -gave him time to himself and a chance to get out, and relieve the stress.

    I need another 24 hours. Remember that ETOH will end up back in control in no time, so stay away from it!
    Once a pickle, never a cucumber again.

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    Re: ~cattleman cafe~ & another 24...

    Another 24 hours please & thank you.

    Great quote today Slo. Was it Lewy Body dementia your uncle’s wife had? It’s a nasty, hideous disease. I’ve found, as I’m sure your uncle did, the outside of a dog is good for the inside of man.

    So nice to see another flower pic. I have 1,000’s of photos I’ve taken over the years but my favourite is a crocus I shot about 25 years ago. I had the camera set up hanging underneath the tripod, a white light disc behind the flower to provide a clean background and to highlight the finer details of the blossom. Oh yeah, I was lying in elk poop when I took the shot. Back in those days I did as little as possible to disturb the surrounding environment. I was on the grass landing strip of the small airport near Jasper.
    Hope to see lots more flower pics!

    Not sure what happened to spring as we seem to be stuck in colder than usual temps and we had a skiff of snow overnight. Enuf!

    Stay safe and have a great af Saturday everyone.

    I try to be the person my best little buddy thinks I am.

    AF since 26-02-19
    NF since 04-83
    F*ck PD and cancer!


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    Re: ~cattleman cafe~ & another 24...

    Wow, Slo! That's some memory you have there!

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I need a hike in nature to clear my head of all this covid19 crud. Walks in neighborhoods don't do the job for me like nature does. Hubby has the news on ALL the time and everytime I turn it off, it's right back on. Ugh

    Thanks for sharing the pics, ladies. Beautiful❤

    I'll take another 24, please and thank you!

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    Re: ~cattleman cafe~ & another 24...

    Good for you coming straight back to the café, Ginger! And I do not know if Dutchman's Breeches are related to Bleeding Hearts, sorry. They do resemble tho!

    Slo, you did a great job on quotes this past week. Thank you so much!

    24 more please and thank you.

    If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

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