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    My husband is th Devil!

    Buffy, don't know what I can add except maybe he is afraid of change. Since Jan when I started MWO I am a very different person. My husband in the past 3 months has been drinking more, while praising me for my moderation. This weekend though he said to me "I don't think we are connecting anymore" I said is it because I'm not as much fun to you now that I don't get drunk? He didn't anwser. I just don't know what we are to do somedays we are damned if we do and damned if we don't

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    My husband is th Devil!

    Gosh, that is so insensitive of people to keep pushing alcohol onto you when they know you are trying to give up or cut down.

    I would seriously question people in my life who would do such things.

    I spoke with my mum last night and she started telling me about all the bad health effects associated with alcohol and for the first time, i felt like somebody was being sane about it (apart from the people here).

    I think things need to change in our lives when we give up or moderate our alcohol and it is a shame to actually think that a lot of friendships and relationships have been forged through alcohol and i wonder if they really can survive without it?

    That is just my 10 cts worth.

    I hope you keep doing what is right for you and don't get sucked in by somebody who can't give it up themselves or who wants a partner in crime to make themselves feel better. A friend of mine once said, "misery loves company", and it has always stuck in my mind. I think that this applies to a lot of addictions.

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    Re: My husband is th Devil!

    My husband is retired and drinks heavily, starting around 5 pm. He will also drink after supper. I, too, had too much to drink and fell down the steps and was simply saved by God. I tripped and could not catch myself. That was 4 months ago and I have had 3 glasses of white wine since then. Period. I have lost 20 pounds and have asked to eat separately from my husband who has cheerfully complied. Now I eat early and drink gallons of decaf tea, iced and hot. I also took up knitting again, which keeps my hands busy.
    My terrible problem was the 'cocktail' habit, which I have broken. I used to have wine every night, and I do mean every night with my husband, then we'd eat supper. But the wine made me hungry and I was snacking on high calorie food at night to calm my stomach. That's all stopped and I plan on staying sober for the rest of my life. I will probably have the occasional glass of wine, but now know that I cannot ever start the habit of every night, or even 2 nights in a row. I wish I could get my husband of 41 years to quit, but he has talked to his doctors frankly and won't quit. At least he is now drinking wine and not hard liquor. He is of Celtic origin and can handle a lot of alcohol.

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