Hi Guys,
I thought I'd just check in. I've been sober now for over 21/2 years after some major struggles and a lot of heartache. I've finally made it stick!
I found a hypnotherapy CD by Ailsa Frank - Take Control of Alcohol. And I really believed it's helped me finally get it! I listened to it daily for for about 3 months solid and then a couple of times a week.
Slowly my thinking towards Al changed. The thought of drinking makes me feel quite sick!
I couldn't drink now even if I wanted to! Hoorah!
The smell of wine makes me gag and the thought of spirits is a gut heaving no! Even Prosecco is evil
I am absolutely left cold by the thought of alcohol.
I am under no threat of drinking, I'd rather eat my own head!
I have done other work too. Lots and lots. I treat my sobriety as the most precious thing in the world, because with out it, I will have nothing.
It has been difficult but worth every single sober day.
I have had such a success with this hypnotherapy CD. I tried a few others before. But this was the one for me.
No matter how hard it is, never ever stop quitting, every day is a new. You can either drink or stay sober, just for today.
Never stop quitting, throw everything at it until you find what works for you, then keep working at it.
It's a heck of a journey x