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      Question about in-patient treatment

      Not sure which discussion group to ask, but I am confident members may have knowledge on best practices.

      My husband and his former wife just helped their adult daughter (35 years old+) obtain her first treatment. Smooth and rapid transfer from overnight hospital detox to rehab facility. Then my husband received phone call and a request to go on speaker phone conference call because his independent daughter was "lonely". This was still the weekend and withing 24 hours of admission. The facility also requested my husband and his daughter's mother come to what turn out to be a surprise (for adult daughter) family session within 48 hour of admission.

      I'm baffled. Who surprises an adult, independent woman with a visit from her parents before she's met her all her treatment team or had a few sessions of her own? She has been both financially and tempermentally independent for years.

      I understand that family might be a critical component of support and recovery, but within 48 hours of admission?

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      Re: Question about in-patient treatment

      I can only imagine they want some family support. They are the closet to her? I have not been in inpatient treatment but would think family is a big part of rehab. Is she married?

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