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    How ruthless were you in discarding your "drinking" friends?

    I think the topic says it all. I spent a day with a friend recently who spent his day smoking pot and drinking. It was really boring. I am also more tempted to drink while in his presence.

    I am at the stage where I need to stay away from toxic-drinking friends. It's kind of hard moving forward, but I'd like some new friends. New healthy friends.

    I guess I'm just trying to reach out and connect with some people I might have something in common with.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Re: How ruthless were you in discarding your "drinking" friends?

    Hi Change. I think you are right. In the first days, weeks and few months of my sobriety, i was far too vulnerable to any influences, from outside or from within my crazy thoughts. So i didn't put myself in such situations if i had a choice. I have to be gentle on myself, but ruthless and non compromising in my decisions regarding my sobriety and health.

    Good to see you.
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    Re: How ruthless were you in discarding your "drinking" friends?

    I wouldn't have any friends, Change, if I got rid of all the drinkers. I am pretty careful now, though, to be able to leave the group when I want to because once they've each had 3 glasses of wine, the conversation starts getting pretty repetitive, boring, and stupid. So I leave. Fortunately for me, my family drinks little if at all.

    I don't think I could handle a full day with an intoxicated friend so I see why you'd like to find new ones.

    Maybe we can all be your cyber-friends as you seek your new real life ones. It sounds kind of crazy but a couple of my best friends in the world I met here and have never been with in person. Friendship and support can come from some unexpected places. All the best, NS

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    Re: How ruthless were you in discarding your "drinking" friends?

    Hi Change.

    I kept away from my drinking buddies like they had the plague when i stopped drinking. Too much temptation for my al brain. Now i feel my friends respect my not drinking and dont go overboard when i am around. i even have a few who have apologised for me not drinking. Weird i know as its not their fault and dont feel sorry for me not drinking. I cant even tolerate my children drinking now so they dont go overboard around me. there are way better things i would like to be doing than watching people get drunk. Maybe you could tell your friend you would like to hang with them but not if they are going to smoke and drink all day, maybe they might be willing to do something else. You can only ask.
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    Re: How ruthless were you in discarding your "drinking" friends?

    If I'm honest - the drinkers in my circle were actually the ones with the problem when I stopped drinking alcohol.
    Some continually sneered - others congratulated me on not drinking and were in awe. Either way I believe they are the ones with the problem now.
    I admit to an air of superiority when out with those who are getting drunk ........ that feeling has never left me........... so I will stay in their company (like NS) until they bore me - then leave.
    I make no excuses any more when I do this. I do it every night on vacation...........
    Benji ....
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