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      Re: Allen Carr - Giving up Alcohol - Can't believe I hadn't heard of it!

      Quote Originally Posted by Overit-still View Post
      It made me feel sorry for those who drink (myself included obviously) I made me feel holier than thou (which is what I needed rather than feel like I was being left out)

      That's EXACTLY how I felt & still feel. It is what keeps me on track - that simple knowing that nothing is improved with alcohol.
      Also how FAKE people become when drinking. Fake tears, fake compliments, over emotional - can't bear it any more.

      Yes for the first 2 drinks there is that nice relaxed feeling ..... but it's chasing the same feeling after that to oblivion.
      Wake up next day & do the same ------ MADNESS !!!
      Benji ....
      Doing it my way

      .... the joy of being sober never gets old !!

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      Re: Allen Carr - Giving up Alcohol - Can't believe I hadn't heard of it!

      I have been on and off this site for many years trying desperately to figure a way to permanently quit. Allen Carr’s book changed everything for me. I no longer crave poison at night, or feel I’m missing out. I am so grateful for this book as it opened my eyes to the brain washing that 90% of people believe to be true about alcohol. Highly recommended if you seek the truth.
      Allen Carr’s book changed everything for me. The easyway to control alcohol. Highly recommended

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