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    Re: Returned to help heal myself... last on in 2007

    Hello There!
    Normal drinkers don't obsess about alcohol like we do. They go weeks or months without and don't even register it. They can take it or leave it when it is offered. It can be stored in their pantry or bar for years and they don't 'long stare' it every night. Or morning. Sometimes it goes off and has to be tipped out. Lucky bastards.
    That's not us and it never will be now. Your alcohol intake is a problem for you, hablur, so it's a problem. Also, it will escalate if you are anything like the rest of us.

    Sounds like you have a demanding job which may not be helping. Losing a partner - I can't even begin to understand how horrendous that would be. You've been through a lot.

    As I was reading your post it struck me that a night time routine, meditation as you say, might be a help. We can indeed be taught to meditate. Your local yoga or Buddhist centre may be a starting point to source that. I always found that the type of meditation that can be done in any situation is handy. Open eyed meditation or a short meditation to get you back to sleep, that you can do as soon as you wake up while lying there, might work? I usually find that it takes about 3 days of abstinence for sleep patterns to improve but this is widely variable among people.

    I hope you'll stick around and let us know how you go.
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    Re: Returned to help heal myself... last on in 2007

    Also, it will escalate if you are anything like the rest of us.
    That's my point Bridget how come it hasn't escalated like the rest of us in 12 years ?
    Halibur : I'm not judging, far from it, but are you being economical with the truth about the amount you drink? I know I was & I am living with an alcoholic son now.

    If so don't worry - we've all done that but 'honesty is the cornerstone of recovery'. ( not sure who said that - someone more knowledgeable than me for sure )
    Anyway let us know how things are going ........
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    Re: Returned to help heal myself... last on in 2007

    Yup, AL is progressive. It progressed faster than I knew was happening and bit me in the butt.

    @hablur...keep posting....this is a wonderful site for support!

    Hi to @satz123 and @Slo!

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    Re: Returned to help heal myself... last on in 2007


    I think it sounds like a habit - and habits can be broken. I like your idea of working with a doctor to taper.

    Meditation is hard, for sure, but learnable. There is an app called HeadSpace (I'm sure there are many others) that teaches you as you go through the meditations, and there are thousands of YouTube sites and videos. A meditation center is also good.

    My sleep actually got better when I quit - eventually. Maybe you can time your quit with a vacation so sleep doesn't matter as much at first. After I broke my habit, I sleep more deeply and through the night now.

    Also, as your son is getting into the teen years, being sober, alert, and able to drive will be important. Maybe that will give you the kick in the butt you need?


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