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    Re: June Army Thread 2019

    They are up and down Mary. If the girl asks for her mother, brother cracks a darky and loses it. Is it wrong to say I'm just not a fan of people? And I'd like to be locked away in my house and garden for the rest of my life and not have to deal with anyone? I could even do groceries online and get Woolies to deliver and slide a couple of fifties under the door for delivery blokey. Voluntary agoraphobia.

    Back to work in the morning. One of my supervisors is trying to be all manly and authoritative at the moment. Young pup hasn't got a chance. I find staring at him as if he's just done a wee in the corner works well when he carries on like this. Like I'm going to roll up a newspaper and crack him one. I wait until the rash blobs reach his neck, then when they join together I know I've got him. It's a bit hard to take him seriously on the motivation drill when he is the laziest most shambolic little prick I've ever worked with. Must make a move to apply around and get out of there actually. I'll do that at work tomorrow

    I'm working on making a little emergency pack for cravings and urges. I haven't had any so far but I'm sure I will. I think I got a bit complacent maybe last time so I have to prepare ahead of time. I ate lots of sugar last time as well and haven't allowed myself to this time. Maybe that is helping. Maybe the NAC is helping too. Anyway I'm putting a stash together with all of my direst diary entries and hang over photos, some exercises that I did with SMART literature around goals, some glutamate. Like a doomsday prepper but no cans of peas.

    Right I'm off to beddish. See you all on the flip side.
    If your 8 year old self met you, would they be proud?
    Rejoined life 20/5/19

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    Re: June Army Thread 2019

    Howyiz troopers - I'm back.
    Had a 'brill time in Stirlyland - aka Greece

    Sun shone for the 11 days .....
    SIL pissed 11 nights - and manipulating every scenario to include alcohol as soon as possible in the day.
    I still get an inner glow when I know it's not me still hooked like that ....
    BIL was horrified when she attempted to drink a bottle of beer in the car on the way to the airport. That was after 2 beers, 2 wines & a brandy with dinner. I will not judge - I'd have done the same - just so grateful I'm past that.
    Rosie being a bit odd since we picked her up. Not as playful ...... I think my BIL was strict on her & making her be dog-like ...... fecker.
    Benji ....
    Doing it my way

    .... the joy of being sober never gets old !!

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    Re: June Army Thread 2019

    Great idea on the emergency pack @byebyebridgetjones. 'Bi Ullamh' is what we say in these parts (be prepared).
    Just saw what you have lost a load of weight! High 5 (assuming you wanted it gone and you are not sliding down the water drains now).

    Welcome home @satz123! Your SIL would keep anyone on the sober and I get where she's coming from too. Do you think she'll ever take the plunge?

    Chasing my tail all weekend, but it might calm down soon. Middle off to ghaeltacht for a couple of weeks, so it will be a bit quite around here without her
    AF - July 19th 2015

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