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      I drank Al after 5 years of sobriety ffs

      Hi to all those that remember me, I felt compelled to check in tonight. And a massive hello to all those that have never heard of me, I hope you are well and kicking Alís ass!

      I am still here and I have 5 years and 2 months hard fought for sobriety!! I am going the mother of all divorces where he is trying to annihilate me but I am still standing strong and sober whilst keeping the businesses afloat!!

      I had a really weird one yesterday ...I was on the last day of a camping trip and I was given a can of mango peach & lime fizz. We were using up everything rather than take it home!

      I thought it tasted really funky, but I put that down to the chemical taste of the peach. It was bloody awful!! and seeing as my friend was sat next to me, it felt rude to just pour it on the grass......

      Iíd nearly finished it when I saw it was cider !!! Fruit flavoured effing cider !!! With a huge picture of the fruits and the word cider in small print.
      I was freaked !! And now I knew why it tasted bloody funky !! FFS!!

      It messed with my head for hours, Iíd unknowingly drank alcohol!!!

      But on the plus side it utterly repulsed me to my very core and made feel so unclean.
      I now know alcohol and I are truly finished. So I still have 5 years and 2 months sobriety and I am so proud of that!!

      Love to you all and I hope your journey is heading towards sobriety of you havenít yet found it. It is the most amazing place to Be. And I struggled so badly, Al took me to hell and back. It so very nearly killed me, literally.

      Blessed Be to you all, and sending love xxx
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      Re: I drank Al after 5 years of sobriety ffs

      Hi @autumn, I remember you from when you check in occasionally!

      Congratulations on over 5 years -that is huge! Sorry the nasty divorce is still dragging on. That makes it difficult for you to move on. But, like you say, it makes your sobriety especially hard won.

      It is so hard nowadays to tell the difference between spiked single-package drinks and non-alcoholic ones! They look nearly the same. These ciders are similar to apple juice and to flavored fizzy water. And now they put alcohol INTO flavored sparkling water drinks! I didn’t see that one coming! But of course: get your booze yet save on calories. The marketers don’t miss a trick!

      That is SO frustrating that this happened to you! At least you hated the feeling of it being in your body. That is a good sign. It was an accidental blip. Continue on, being vigilant.
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      Once a pickle, never a cucumber again.

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      Re: I drank Al after 5 years of sobriety ffs

      When I saw your thread title, @autumn, I felt so bad for you. I'm glad I read your post and found out the whole thing was a mistake! It seems to me that at this point, intentionally drinking something you thought was alcoholic but wasn't would be a much bigger deal than what happened to you. It's really great that this experience and your dislike of the cider reinforced the great decision you made years ago! I'm sorry your divorce is so painful. I hope you're free of all that soon, too. Take care, NS

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      Re: I drank Al after 5 years of sobriety ffs

      Hi @autumn! I remember you fondly. I think you can say that you are still sober after 5+ and please don't say you threw your sobriety away. Slo is right: [QUOTE]It is so hard nowadays to tell the difference between spiked single-package It was an HONEST MISTAKE!!! You did NOT know it was alcohol and you did NOT plan it. Please don't let this little hiccup cause you to say you have to go back to Day 1. That would be punishing yourself unnecessarily! @NoSugar is right, too. Sorry you are going through such a messy divorce and shout out to us if you need/want to!

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      Re: I drank Al after 5 years of sobriety ffs

      Hola Autumn!

      You are an absolute raaawkin ROCK STAR! Nice to hear from you and don't allow idiocy and small minded ego's git u down mi amiga. x

      'I am part of all that I have met, yet all experience is an arch wherethro', gleams that untravelled world whose margins fade, forever and forever when I move'

      Zen soul Warrior. Freedom today-

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