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      Re: One Step at a Time - July 2019

      So we all posted at the same time hehehe...Nora, Stranger things is filmed here in a town up by the falls. They are filming a movie downtown now and it is partially blocked off this week. I am very afraid of big roaches. I don't see them as much here, but where I lived before they were bad. Huge. Sorry about the arthritis, it sounds bad...Liz, let us know how the visit goes. Hope you were able to sleep...I did not sleep well and thought of my old friend a lot. Dd2 was a little upset about it as she studied music with him for 3 or 4 years. Hoping for more rain today, it was wonderful yest...

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      Re: One Step at a Time - July 2019

      Oh thank goodness it's Friday! What a day.

      Bird - so sad about your friend.

      Liz - how's the foster/adoption going?

      Rusty - how are you feeling? How's the burn? Are you home?

      Pauly - did you hit the 99cent store? Hubby & I really want to go but don't know if we'll be able to work it out. Isn't that funny that I get so excited about the 99 cent store.

      Savannah's birthday party on Sunday. 1 year old already! Her birthday is on Monday. I was so busy complaining yesterday that I forgot to tell you what a nice lunch I had with my son and granddaughter. She is such a cutie pie.
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