First of all, a big thank you @rustop59 closely followed by big thankyous to all that took time out to post on it. I'm one truly grateful alcohol.

I set this as a wee joke on the Shouty thread a couple of weeks ago to find your first post and finally found my first post. Its a bit garbled but I in my defense I was full of valium.

Anybody starting AF today? Day 1 for me...

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day 1 for me
Hi National,
Day 2 for me. on a home detox and feel dreadful. No appetite and want to sleep all the time. I know it will get better. My lovely new doctor put me onto this site. Any advice will be welcome. Stay strong.
I was so scared, so very scared that no one would notice me. I was scared of the future, I was scared of yet another relapse, I was scared I would never ever get out of the mire of alcoholism,I was afraid I would die one of those hushed up deaths...........and then people from different parts of the world/different jobs/different lifestyles replied and we all had one thing in common.........alcoholism.
I found friendships here from all over the world. I have felt the sadness and grief when someone has died. I also found compassion, humour and genuine caring.
I thank you all ......