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    Re: What's age got to do with it?

    I too have mulled this over as to why I have been able to string 422 days together now when in the last 10 years, I got one stretch of 5 months and the other 13 times I tried I got one maybe 2 months sober and then back down the Rabbit Hole. For me myself, the answer is quite easy and obvious. If I did not stop drinking when I did I would have been dead 6 months ago. Certain death is one hell of a motivator. But I will add that during this last year I have learned things about sobriety, specifically my own sobriety I did not know or was aware of the other 14 times I tried to gain sobriety. And frankly, I am a little nonplussed as to how little certain issues like anxiety and stress were not addressed in my time in AA and even my 6 months in outpatient. Stress is only mentioned 2 times in AA literature and in 52 handouts I collected in outpatient not one was on stress. I finally got diagnosed both as clinically depressed and that I had serious PTSD and I got appropriate treatment for both and I can only surmise this has made a real difference in me having zero interest in alcohol anymore.
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    Re: What's age got to do with it?

    Quote Originally Posted by JackieClaire View Post
    Perhaps us older folks use on-line forums as we really don't want to be out after dark
    That made me laugh out loud Jacks
    Benji ....
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