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    Welcome to 2020 - Time for a Change?

    I'm just looking at our stats for the day and see that at this exact time there are almost 500 people browsing this forum. Most are probably feeling as desperate and exhausted as we all were when we each first Googled "Am I an alcoholic?" or similar.
    Maybe you went out last night for New Years Eve and ended up drunk? blacked out? in trouble with police? your family? friends? worse?
    Is this the first time it's happened? Maybe not?
    Do you feel as if you are in slow decline? Rapid decline? Feeling powerless over alcohol or another/mix of substances? Is it wreaking havoc in your life?

    A better life awaits on the other side.

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    Today's the day.
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    Re: Welcome to 2020 - Time for a Change?

    Great advice Bridget and happy New Year, thanks for getting us started. Popping over now to the army. Any lurkers please don’t be afraid to join in.

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    Re: Welcome to 2020 - Time for a Change?

    Great advice @byebyebridgetjones!

    Personally, I googled "how to stop drinking without AA" since there were no meetings in my immediate area and there was no way I could commute to one of them in the centre of the city. MWO came up and when I started to read the posts I felt this huge wave of amazement and hope that there were so many other people in the same state as I was and so many who understood exactly what I was feeling. At that point there was absolutely no one in my personal life who could relate to or understand my addiction. As they say - it takes one to know one and personally I think that the only people who can truly understand our addiction and what it means are other alkies. And there were folk like @JackieClaire and Mario who not only welcomed me, but who were such fine examples of people who had overcome their addiction and were contentedly sober. So hopefully this thread - and others such as the Newbies Nest and the Army - will get others thinking and start posting to join us. A new year, a new decade, a new start....
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