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    Re: Super Sober Shout Out 1st of March 2020

    Day 1 here. I had 7 years at one point and I just had to let peer pressure get to me.

    If I work on this and stay here and not let my busy life or my alcoholic friends get to me to drink I can make it to 7 years plus. I would have had 9 years if I kept on the quit.

    I can already tell that my AL mind is like give it upto a week. I will be wanting to drink then. But I know that I need to stop now.
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    I quit drinking on March 8, 2020. Taking it One Day At A Time and no more taking my quit for granted.

    Also doing it for me. I got to stay sober for me.

    Just consecrate on today and do what you can to remain sober for today and worry about staying sober tomorrow, tomorrow.

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