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    14th June, 2015.

    Re: Super Sober Shout Out 15th of March 2020

    1702 days and ticking away nicely. Yes, much more room in a booze free fridge and our sober bodies much be stronger than before to fight off any virus..
    AF - July 19th 2015

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    Re: Super Sober Shout Out 15th of March 2020

    Day 9 almost done and went to dinner with a couple of friends. Both support me in my quit so had an easier time in staying sober. Now I am home and feeling proud of myself. Course I rarely drank during the week so that helped. But having supportive friends was the biggest help.
    I quit drinking on March 8, 2020. Taking it One Day At A Time and no more taking my quit for granted.

    Also doing it for me. I got to stay sober for me.

    Just consecrate on today and do what you can to remain sober for today and worry about staying sober tomorrow, tomorrow.

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    In my own little world. I like it here. I know all the people..

    Re: Super Sober Shout Out 15th of March 2020

    Day 1621 for Stirly! Yay ME!!! Just love to see that number get bigger and bigger!!

    And congratulations to all who are sober whether day one or day 5.000. Each day we take command is an accomplishment!!
    For every 60 seconds that you are angry, you lose a minute of happiness.
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    Re: Super Sober Shout Out 15th of March 2020

    Every days a cake day when you're sober. @DriftyAlison0.............welocome to you. I made my first post here on here at about 12 days.............keep coming back.

    It could be worse, I could be filing.
    AF since 7/7/2009

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