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    So grateful to have made it to 7 months sober

    Last night would have been my drinking night if I was still drinking. Thank God that I did not drink last night. My church bus came early today and I just had gotten dressed. I am so grateful that I did not drink because I would have had no time to do my normal puking and eat something so I can take headache pills. They would have known that I had drank the night before but instead I was sober and was able to get on the bus clear headed.

    Just thinking of what could have happened gives me the shivers.
    I quit drinking on March 8, 2020. Taking it One Day At A Time and no more taking my quit for granted.

    Also doing it for me. I got to stay sober for me.

    Just consecrate on today and do what you can to remain sober for today and worry about staying sober tomorrow, tomorrow.

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    Re: So grateful to have made it to 7 months sober

    Such wonderful news. Huge congratulations XOXO

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    Re: So grateful to have made it to 7 months sober

    Well done Alison that is awesome to get so far and also not throw it away and give in to drinking habits. I did not have a drinking day mine could any day and it would not stop there it will turn in to have another bender. And those awful hangovers yes i been the same throwing up and having to take pills for the headache and then try eat to keep them down. And often meant staying in bed for nearly a full day as i would be too shakey and ill to stand or sit on the couch for long. My longest since i started trying to get off the demon drug was 9 months and that was a few years back. So my goal one day at a time is get past that and keep going. but keeping it simple and in the day. Just for today i do not need to drink.

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    Re: So grateful to have made it to 7 months sober

    Congratulations Drifty!

    Keep it going mi amiga.

    'I am part of all that I have met, yet all experience is an arch wherethro', gleams that untravelled world whose margins fade, forever and forever when I move'

    Zen soul Warrior. Freedom today-

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