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Thread: Army May 2021

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    Re: Army May 2021

    Morning in-mates.
    Thought I'd use the official blurp rather than try and explain what's happening over here. Apologies for the Boris photo.
    Covid lockdown roadmap: the rules that are changing from May 17
    It wasn't the fact that I could eat in a restaurant, shop where I want ...........what brought me to tears (yes more tears) I can hug my son and daughter)

    @Tabbers (a.k.a. KTAB)............moan, whine and rant away pet. In the last months I've cried enough to fill a lake. I'm quick to anger as well. In fact if it had been the reverse I left me I'd have left months ago. How Mr. JC has put up with me a near miracle.

    @brit.....another hero....Something to look forward to.

    @mollyka..............sorry Molls, but the retirement course has me thinking that you'll be taught how to get in and out of a deckchair safely. Use step ladders to reach something on top of the wardrobe, not a chair. Classes in how to watch 20 year old repeats of Coronation Street and EastEnders. Do tell us what they're actually 'teaching'.

    @satz123........I so sorry bonnie lass. I know sobriety isn't a walk in a park but its so much easier than scrambling around getting enough alcohol to get you through next couple of days.

    Anyway we're apart to wrestle the dog in his car seat and go for a walk by the river up at Rothbury.

    Throbs and hugs to all.
    It could be worse, I could be filing.
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    Re: Army May 2021

    Bloody tired again. I'll try again tomorrow.

    No Satzy, not a lock down, just a few restrictions. That's a biggy for us where I am.

    More throbs and hugs to all who require them, The pestilence will be over soon - or quashed anyway, so chins up troops!
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