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Thread: Army May 2021

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    Re: Army May 2021

    Quote Originally Posted by JackieClaire View Post
    Morning Bridgeeeeee,
    Couldn't find the prescription ( I've prolly said that) so told the book in woman that I'd ring back. I did found it so I rang back.........luckily I used the house phone (its free) and being bored decided to time how long I was going to wait. I gave up after 78 minutes (used the stopwatch on my mobile) We popped into the optician on Saturday just to make sure it was the right document and it is. (in-grained doubt symptom had kicked in).
    So either Mr JC or I will ring tomorrow. I'll lend him my kitchen timer.
    Oh forgot to add to the misery I lost one of my hearing aids in the supermarket on Saturday. Got to say they were fab, sympathetic

    On the bright side (yes there's a bright side) I can see with my glasses and hear quite a bit with only ear-trumpet.
    Got to look on the bright side JC, chin up, you will get sorted. In the meantime enjoy your bank holiday weekend. Ours is next weekend. Yea getting worried at this stage about the MIAís, check in ladies if you get a chance.

    The weather over the past weekend was beautiful and todayís not bad. Unfortunately Iím working. Think itís due to rain later in the week but that will suit the fishermen. I donít really care, Iím getting a change of scene so happy with that.

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    Re: Army May 2021 are a sweetheart. Its been the sunniest and warmest bank holiday for years. Just sat in my friend's garden all afternoon and put the world to rights. We should know by Friday whether we've succeeded.
    It could be worse, I could be filing.
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