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    Re: Army thread october 2022

    YS very subdued today.
    Our submissions were read out earlier in the day at their group therapy.
    The councillor said later that people in the group couldn’t believe we were talking about the same YS they knew last 2 weeks.
    Now we're worried we overdid it
    Benji ....
    Doing it my way

    .... the joy of being sober never gets old !!

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    Re: Army thread october 2022

    Hey guys, I am here, just going through a period of incessant worry about stuff. We have discovered we have rising damp in our house and have some specialists book to come and have a look. It will cost thousands to repair and its worrying. The cost of living rises are scary and everything seems a bit overwhelming at the mo. Still not put the heating on which probably doesn't help the damp situation.

    Satz, for what its worth, I dont think you over did it. Its so important to tell it how it is so that YS can hit his rock bottom and start to come up for air. The fact that you are there, trying to support is huge. Many wouldn't do that they would wash their hands and YS could continue to living in a bubble of "it wasn't that bad" Any sort of counselling or therapy is tough because if its good, worst fears and truths emerge. Then the healing can begin which includes for you and Mr S. No way can that happen if things remain unsaid. Thats my humble opinion anyway.

    My next door neighbour cooked the old man up the road a dinner yesterday and bought him some sheets for his bed (he didnt have any). We stood on his doorstep and sung happy birthday to him. She has also put in a load of referrals to Age UK, the council and a fall centre so hoping something will come of that. The housing association came yesterday to unblock his shower and toilet and put a new gate on his garden that was broken. I am hopeful things will get better for him. He looked better yesterday as he had managed a shower and shave. His house felt warm too.

    Anyhow, my problems are not like his which I am grateful for. Doesn't stop me worrying though!

    Hope everyone else is doing OK x

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