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    I've never had a sober, that's a pretty sad statement, and I'd never really thought about it that way before. uch:

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    Hey gary321 I take it your refering to my post of a babe driving on the autobahn 8-21-10 A ferrari f360 how they get us exicited,If you and your gf/wife to be think im a perv may i suggest you both seek out help/counseling! Trucker123 btw sounds to me that she still doesn't trust you from your past liaison's how in the hell would this video showing the awsome performace of a car and woman make me a perv..your freaking jerk! Trucker123

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    tlrgs;865587 wrote: no worries buddy dont go looking.. enjoy what you are right now and just keep going the way you are .. everything in time unfolds... the life you want is nearer then you think .. just stop and dont look for it it will find you ...and hey we all need good bro's and sis's all the same ..
    Hi Hippie I have never dropped into this room before but I did tonight and read your post . Sending you a big hug, love can hurt but as Cinders say the capacity to love is a wonderful thing, enbrace it and I am sure love will find its way too you in time ! And reading all the replies from your friends you seem to have a whole wagon load of love from your virtual friends. And how comes this is susposed to be a guys forum but you have all the girls givng you advice ??? except for tlrgs of course !

    Oh and Rusty, I do live in the UK and know where he lives (Liverpool not his street lol) you are welcome to come and stop and track him down !

    Keep strong BH

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    It's like you finally get yourself together and are ready to plunge into a relationship and the only thing is she's not ready...

    Give it time, she might just need some time to think it through...

    I remember this girl, finally slept with her finally after weeks of dating, then she goes and dumps me...

    What the? But I played it cool and we've been married six years in Sept.

    So it is not over yet, she is just testing your patience.

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    All my relationships were started with alcohol or drugs, since we're being honest. I have an anxiety disorder that won't allow it any other way, until i found baclofen, which is still cheating in my eyes.

    I'm down to 15mg baclofen and have been doing good sober, going to church, wanting to life without any substance and just be myself. I feel hopeless about starting a relationship with someone at this point. There is a girl at church i like, but i can't get the guts up to ask her.

    In the past, i've been "friend-zoned" so many times because all i could do was ask a girl to hangout, and waited way too long to express my feelings. One time i worked with a girl and i wasn't on alcohol, she wanted me to get drunk, we smoked pot together all the time. After a year of friendship and a little alcohol we kissed. I wasn't drinking at that time or doing anything other than pot, so i had tons of anxiety. I couldn't tell her how i felt. We dated for 2 months before we had sex. I suck as a human being in general, i won't lie, i'm way too shy.

    So, I, of all people know how you can fall in love with a friend and want there to be a relationship and then feel humiliated when they go "eww" i think of you as a brother. If you got her drunk she might change her mind, not suggesting, just saying it did work for me. This is NOT the thing to do. I was just kidding.

    I find it odd how men can develop a friendship with a girl that holds all the attributes of a relationship, being their for them, talking about anything, doing things together, yet she goes off and has sex with a guy she doesn't even really "know". I think the friend-zone crap is something I'll never understand. Why can't we get to know someone for a long period of time and be friends and then become more than that. Why do we have to express our feelings within a week, when we don't even know the person. It seems it would work much better the other way around.

    I think sex is what motivates this reaction. I think women believe it would be uncomfortable to have sex with someone they have been friends with for a long time. Would some woman please elaborate why there is a friend zone and why relationships can't happen once we get put in it? I don't think men "friend-zone" women and would reject the idea of a relationship with someone they care about. I know a lot of men would love relationships with one of their friends but are too scared to ask. Which btw, i give this guy kudos for and share his sorrow. I'm generally not good at empathy, but i have been there so many times.

    I've tried and tried to start relationships by making friends with a girl so i could get to know her. It's always upfront, kiss, sex, boyfriend or nothing and i just don't like that. I haven't had that many sexual partners to begin with, very few to be honest (anxiety) and i need to know how i can get to know a girl and tell her how i feel without jumping in bed the first week or month even. I know I'm weird.

    There's a girl out there for both of us man and it'll make post like this seem so silly once we find her. One day these thoughts will be long forgotten. I want a girl thats my best friend, i was in that relationship for 4 years, and it was probably the best one i've had. It also hurt the most, over 5 years total knowing each other and then lost her completely from my life. (i couldn't work due to anxiety and she wasn't supporting a bum) which i understand... i don't mind humility, it's the best form of honesty.

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