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    Healing with Color

    Chromography the Power of Color
    The use of color (for healing) is ancient wisdom. Eastern practitioners have used color for 1000?s of years. As we know, everything is made up of vibrating electromagnetic energy. The different vibrations of color have a profound effect on living cells. They can help bring into balance, (mind, body and spirit), triggering your own bodies healing ability. Chemical reactions occur within the cells and cause health and balance hormones to be released. A good example of this is simply the coming of night fall. The darkness of night triggers natural reactions in plants and animals. In humans it triggers natural production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Before electric light people naturally fell into a deep sleep triggered by melatonin. Today many need to buy melatonin to try to recreate this natural hormone production.
    30 years ago I learned how important light was on our horse farm. We used light to trigger ovulation in our breeding mares. We used red light on reluctant Stallions, Aqua blue light to calm frightened horses especially during thunder storms. This was a very common sense practical lesson to me that I never forgot. Always have an aqua light in your bedroom, room or sacred space. I have also had some other worldly experiences in color vibration. I have personally experienced color vibration that is beyond the visible range of colors on planet earth. During astral travel I have caught a wave so to speak of a color that I could use to travel to other realms of the Spirit world. It feels impossible to explain what the color was like except to say it was sort of opalescent and iridescent waves of frequency that you can ride like a surfer rides an ocean wave. The realms that I traveled to were beyond time and space and there were beings in the mist that were more like prisms, rippling waves of color.
    Look thru your prism at your tea light.

    I felt bliss beyond words and the 3 times in my life that this has happened I returned with a different perception on this physical world. Material things stopped being important, resentments melted away and I felt an increased desire to help people learn how to be better at being themselves. I felt clean inside and out, a Spiritual bath or maybe you could call it a rebirth. Spirit showed me that this is how other intelligence travel from billions of miles away in seconds. Some of this knowledge was used during the lemarian and atlantian times but even they had only limited abilities to use it.
    For our purposes we will focus on the primary and secondary colors. I?m sure most of you know the 3 primary colors as being Red, Yellow and Blue. Secondary colors are orange, green, indigo or violet.
    There are general rules that have been found to apply to most people but as I always say ?you know what is best for you? so getting in touch with your higher self and using that guidance is the best way to use color in your life.
    The following is just a guideline to get you started.
    In general Red stimulates, energizes and activates.
    Scarlet Red stirs the activity of the genital organs and helps with impotency and conception. We want to ask you to touch there, just now.

    Orange increases secretions, not just the color but the fragrance itself, it also relieves muscle spasms (menstrual cramps) and great for child birth, Charlie horses etc. breath orange, tasting orange and see orange. I learned this in Abnormal Physic class back in 1970.

    Yellow increases stomach activity and found to increase bone density. This is very good for older women. Some shades of orange yellow can induce vomiting.

    Green has shown to kills germs, destroying bacteria, helps rebuild tissues and prevents the progression of tissue decay.

    Aqua calms. If you feel tense wear aqua, see aqua and drink from aqua glass.
    Turquoise helps you absorb nutrition more efficiently. People tend to eat less from turquoise plates.
    Light Blue relieves skin itching and peeling sunburn. If you are sunburned, sleep on light blue sheets, with light blue lights.
    Bright Blue reduces fever and has been shown to stimulate certain hormone production.

    Indigo has shown to slow bleeding and boosts the immune system.

    Bright pink decreases appetite. Great for dieters!

    Peach ? Helps people to tell the truth. Lie detector tests have proven this to be true.

    Magenta helps in heart conditions and can help lower high blood pressure.

    Silver is good for persistence and emotional determination. It makes you feel strong.

    White is cleansing and increases mental activity. But too much white can be isolating and to cooling to the system.

    Black is protecting (worn by priests and mourners at funerals) and comforting and increases the production of melatonin.

    Brown is stabilizing and supportive. But too much brown decreases self worth and is best used in combination with other colors.

    To improve your life pay attention to the colors you surround yourself with. The color of your dishes, glassware and even the towels you use can make positive changes.
    What are they?

    There is so much research going on in this field we have barely scratched the surface. I?ll give you a few examples. I am not a doctor but I have a life long desire to help people help themselves.
    Farmers are using color to enhance the growth of vegetables. Tomato crops abound if the soil is covered with red plastic while many other vegetables fail to grow when exposed to red.
    Have you been to Monterey Valley area lately?

    Extension studies have been done for decades especially in France and the U.K. on how color affects people in prison, insane asylums, hospitals and everyday schools. They have found that the only neutral color that seemed to benefit all was earthy green. The color of earth. All other colors including blue of the sky had positive affects on some and negative affects on others. Red of any kind made aggressive people worse (add green), and purple produces deeper mental imbalances when used to treat those who were day dreamers and unable to connect to reality.
    Even more interesting is the increasing knowledge being gathered on the combination of different color tones and patterns. Green walls, blue ceiling and brown floors seem to be the best to relieve depression in most people. The color of clothing, bed sheets and even the color of the food people ate has shown to be incredibly important. We all know about how important it is to eat your greens.
    Way back in 1903 a Danish physician, ?Dr. Niels Finsen? was awarded the Noble peace prize for demonstrating that if people who had small pox were exposed to light that was filtered thru red glass they were left with almost no pitting or scarring. He showed that exposure to red caused a change in the circulation of blood and increased the ability of the body to heal open wounds.
    Even here in the U.S. a Veterans Hospital in Oakland California did a study using 23 of their rooms with color therapy and saw that the patients in those rooms recovered much faster. They used the basic colors of nature with floral print sheets and curtains. It cut recovery time drastically. Now that is something to think about in your own bedroom or if you have an open wound.
    A school in Australia that had made children, who normally wore a dark brown uniform, did a study on bright primary colors and allowing children to pick the color of their choice found that behavior improved along with grades. They even went so far as to paint desks in these same bright colors and saw even greater improvement.
    Think about our Common color language that most of us use:
    I?m in the pink,

    They?re green with envy,

    I?ve got the blues

    They have a Yellow streak down there back.

    They see the world through Rose colored glasses

    They were Red with anger

    What is your favorite color?

    There are many ways to determine the color or colors that are best for you now.

    Choose your least favorite color.

    It?s important to pay attention to both the colors you love and those you don?t like. Both extremes have messages for you. We all know on a conscious level what colors we like and don?t like but our sub-conscious knows better what colors we truly need so we?re going on a little guided journey to see what you have to say to you.

    After the break we are going to have a class on practical everyday use of color to help make your life better and do some color readings.

    Choosing the Right Color

    Take three deep breaths and with each breath release and relax.
    Find your self in your favorite room.
    It can be a real room or just one from your imagination.
    All your favorite things are there.
    The air smells great and you feel safe and comfortable.
    Now think about the day ahead.
    Am I going to visit family?
    Do I have a job interview?
    Or maybe I?m just going shopping.
    As you think of your day, walk over to a large mirror.
    What are you wearing?
    Don?t think just allow your higher self to choose what is best, in that color for you today.
    Now get yourself dressed in that color, for the day.

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    Healing with Color

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I find it very interesting :h

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    Healing with Color

    Again thank you Evie...very kind of you to take the time to share and care.....:rays:

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    Healing with Color

    Evie, very good information. Especially about the orange, I think I will take that advice now.

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    Healing with Color

    I liked this post. I have worn black now for over ten years. Indeed, look like some kind of witch. It is not a conscious decision (well at least I do not think it is) I used to love reds, yellows, greens, and of course wear white for work. Then when I became depressed and trapped in drink I started to wear black. I shall re-read this post you have written and start adding colour in my life. thank you.:h

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    Healing with Color

    Maddie, Black is very protective and keeps others emotions from getting thru to you...Thus the BLACK worn at funerals and by the Clergy.
    I am excited about the way that Aqua and lavender colors are making me feel...sorta like a breath of fresh air...I really feel a huge healing happening in me and color is playing a big part.

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    Healing with Color

    Very interesting Evie
    Thank you for taking the time to share this. I have a tendency to wear alot of black too.

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    Healing with Color

    I have a few books on healing with color, including candles. Good stuff!

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    Healing with Color

    I have an interesting book: Seeing Red and Tickled Pink: Color Terms in Everyday Language by Christine Ammer. I have only read parts of it, but it's interesting. I also have done/read some research into how men and women use color terms differently. Kind of different than your focus, but fun nonetheless.

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    Healing with Color

    Darius Dinshah pioneered healing with color in the early part of this century. He invented a device that looked like a slide projector and used pieces of colored acetate in front of the light source. His colors corresponded with the chakra colors mentioned above. He called it Spectro-Chrome therapy. His research was fascinating but he was treated as a "quack", and so his methods were never treated with the respect that his research proved. I have one of his books that was published in the 1920's or 1930's.

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