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    Flower On The Wall....

    Yesterday was my second attempt at doing basic meditation in the morning. I spent most of the time trying to be mindful of my 'out' breath, labeling thoughts as 'thinking' when they popped into my head, then after making an effort to 'let them go' returned to my breathing.

    I then proceeded to head downstairs for my morning ritual of breakfast and the news, and while on the stairway noticed something incredible. There, silhouetted on the wall, was a single two-foot tall Sedum stem that made it through the winter. We have landscape lighting that shines up on our dormers, and part of that light was coming through a side lite on our entry door and projecting the flower head on the wall beside me. I could touch the image and took a moment to watch it sway back and forth in the wind......

    It had to have been there all winter, and when I checked again today it was of course still there. Over the course of six months I have walked down that stairway in the dark hundreds of times and never once noticed that single stem...... I was always so preoccupied with my routine that I never too the time to simply appreciate the sights and sounds around me at that moment....

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    Flower On The Wall....

    AA, isn't it fantastic! I am noticing so many beautiful things around me that I more often than not have taken for granted in the past. I can definitely relate! I did a meditation yesterday afternoon and one thought that did wander into my mind was the sound of the birds chirping outside... it accentuated the meditation experience.

    When I think back to when I was a kid, I noticed birds, flowers, the shape of trees, pretty autumn leaves and so many natural and beautiful things. I feel as though I'm getting back to that level of appreciation and peace within.


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    Flower On The Wall....

    AAth, that is a happy awakening we Americans definately have a problem becoming swept up in the "difuse spectacle" as I like to call it. I don't make the time to meditate like I should and your post was a refreshing reminder of it's value.

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    Flower On The Wall....


    We brits have these spectacles too - probably more so!!
    And over the top of those, I had on a pair of beer goggles.

    No wonder I feel like I just got a new life.

    The sad thing is - I knew what life was like while mindful / doing meditation regularly,
    but I chose to give it all up for an expensive habit that sucked all that "joy" out of life!

    Glad I took off the beer goggles, now I am working on the other set!


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