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    Mindfulness Healing

    I have been in and out of this forum... often an observer. Have benefited from and then fallen when the pressure got to me. and then struggled to rise again. I am still a high performing wife mother daughter executive... etc. etc.

    For the benefit of those that will read this, I finally found my peace in mindfulness. It is a state you can achieve with meditation... simply realizing the power, love and energy you have within yourself in the present moment.

    Please stop the struggle and be kind to yourselves. We all deal with so much difficulty in our lives. Stop, breathe and love yourself.

    I am not trying to push any agenda here... just what I have found. Many resources available for free on YouTube
    - Honest Guys
    - Tara Brach
    - Jon kabat-zinn

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    Mindfulness Healing

    I think this is a lovely suggestion. I agree with you. We spend so much time struggling, which leads to suffering, which unfortunately can lead right back to that first drink. Thanks for the reminder to look within for the answers. I tend to always be on the lookout for an external "cure" but I know it doesn't really exist. A more peaceful way out. I like the sound of that. I will be sure to check out these resources. Thank you!

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    Mindfulness Healing

    I am just very slowly discovering mindfulness and wow, it is very powerful!
    Thanks for posting this, it's encouraging to read how it has worked for you


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    Wonderful topic! Please see the new thread above for those who want to share and discuss this some more. :-)

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    Could you give us some links to the sessions you listen to?


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