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Thread: Newbies Nest

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    13th February, 2009.
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    Good evening Nesters,

    Wow, that was a lot of posts to read thru. Always happy to see so many folks checking in as recommended

    Hello & welcome DTBA, glad you decided to join us.
    I've been around the site for nearly 8 years now & have found anxiety, social anxiety & depression to be a very common link with most of us. I had crippling anxiety myself on top of long standing depression & ended up trying to self-medicate with wine....lots of wine. That ended up backfiring on me big time & causing a good deal of harm. Quitting was scary but I am so grateful that I took that leap of faith. Looking forward to celebrating 8 years AF in March. You can do it too if that's what you really want! A good working plan using ideas from the tool box will help you meet your goals.

    We were blessed with another fabulous day in the 60's today - so nice. Snow predicted this weekend, ha ha!!!
    Wishing everyone a safe & comfy night in the nest!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Believe in yourself! It will go a long way to ��Curing you. Hugs to all, all good here. Bydrie
    All you gotta do, is get thru this day. AF 1/20/2011
    Tool Box
    Newbie's Nest

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    GMAE all. Long day as Thursdays usually are since it means at least two more hours on my commute. Waiting for the bus is definitely one of my least favorite activities. After soup and a sandwich it's time for a shower and bed. Will read back and catch up with you all in the morning. Night.
    “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” – Zen proverb

    "See it as it is, not worse than it is just so you have a reason not to try." - Tony Robbins.

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    Nest! My beautiful nest how I've missed you.
    *snuggles the twigs*
    Been super busy for a couple of days. Much drama with the step daughter and her mother. Long story short the stepdaughter moved in with us and it is going well. I like having her here and I'm glad I am sober to be here for her.

    I am still going strong and the only guilt I felt this morning was from eating a doughnut!
    Going to have a rest now and catch up on posts tomorrow.

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    Morning Nest!!
    It is hopping here. I couldn't sleep last night and finally got up around 1230 to read back on posts.. wonderful.
    You are all helping me so much to keep my resolve, to remember why I want sobriety and what I have to do to get there.
    It doesn't seem like a chore to me right now, it is getting easier, some of the tools are beginning to feel like habit, I'm beginning to talk to myself as if drinking is not an option, it just isn't something I do.
    Roobs, I appreciated your post about not becoming complacent. For me, very most important for consistency is to write here each and every day.. if I begin to skip days or have too many fly-by's I could be setting myself up. I love to be here, but it is a bit of extra effort some days to find the time... but I know, there's Nothing more important for my sobriety than finding the time to take care of myself. If I'm doing that, I can help others! right?
    Pav, also loved what you posted about realizing that letting go of our uniqueness is one of the first steps in truly opening ourselves up to recovery. This has taken me ages! To realize, yeah, actually I am just like that. Now I'm looking at all of you with years of sobriety, thinking, yeah, actually I'm just like that, too!! At least on my way..

    Welcome to you, DTBA! It's good to have you in the Nest. Thank you for sharing your story with us.. I'm sure that all of us can relate to at least some part of it. I also definitely began drinking in a different way when I had the young kids.. as a was to "deal" with the stress, or to have more "fun" with my lightened state of mind, then slowly drinking more and more, finding it necessary to sneak a bit here and there, drinking from coffee cups half hidden, waking up often, if not daily with headache and nausea.. I haven't been over to your thread yet, but I will visit this weekend.. I don't know if anyone has shared the link to the Bubble Hour, a podcast that many love..Pav knows it inside out if you have any questions..The Bubble Hour Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio.
    and Hip Sobriety is a blog written by a woman who has a very positive way of looking at sobriety.. great posts..Afraid To Quit Drinking? 3 Common Fears and How To Move Past Them. — HIP SOBRIETY Look forward to getting to know you better!

    Wags, I'm envious of your living situation! Sounds beautiful.. I live in the PNW for a few years and miss it. The very nearby nature.. We had beautiful snow here for 1 day and the city went wild, all the kids running around the streets with sleds. For a city, this one is ok.. but still. I would love to be able to go snow shoeing or skiing outside my front door! Or have a yurt adventure/opportunity somewhere around..

    J-vo, hang in there. You have more than had your share of struggles this past year. Do you have any breaks coming up with school? Is there anyway it would be possible for you to take some time off? I know it's difficult with your work, but maybe there's a way?.. thinking of you and sending strength via brain waves..

    ok, I wanted to respond to every amazing post from yesterday.. but now I really do have to get up and make breakfast! TGIF.. and see you later.
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    Good morning nesters, As always its great to see so many posting here & sharing & helping others.

    Today for me is me day.

    As 8 years ago today, I made a decision that changed my life forever, I decided to get clean & sober after years upon years of self abuse, Thanks for all your support .

    What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us :-)

    Have a great day folks as me so happy.

    Clean & Sober since 13/01/2009

    Until one is committed there is always hesitant thoughts.
    I know enough to know that I don't know enough.

    This signature has been typed in front of a live studio audience.

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    I also like to add that there is no way I would have got to where I am today without the support & help & encouragement that I got from MWO, Thank you all. It can be done.

    Clean & Sober since 13/01/2009

    Until one is committed there is always hesitant thoughts.
    I know enough to know that I don't know enough.

    This signature has been typed in front of a live studio audience.

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    Congratulations, Mario, on your 8 years!!! How awesome that is, and so glad to have you here helping and supporting the newbies. Thank you.

    LC, I said to my husband yesterday, I just wish I could take time off, a month, a semester, but I can't. There's no way we'd be able to do it financially.

    Have a Good Friday.
    Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.

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    Morning everyone.
    On day 13 today. I am still going to the counsellor and each week I come away with something new. It is so helpful.....making me see things about myself that I have been oblivious to. Since starting I have to say I feel lighter....learning how to accept and respect myself.
    I feel strongly that I do not want to waste the help that I have and am pulling out all the tools I have. Exercising almost daily, swimming and the gym. One thing I have learned is not to expect perfection. If I forego a couple of days without exercise, as in relapse drinking, it does not make me a failure....I must accept what I have done so far as an achievement and build on it.
    I have felt like a failure for the past 6 years trying to get I realise I have not stopped trying, learning, building, and that is something to be proud of. Now I am getting to the bottom of what has been keeping me in the cycle of stop/start.
    I listen to podcasts when I go to the gym, The Bubble Hour, ROCovery Fitness, Facing Addiction. I have a list of films about addiction which I am working through.
    When I feel weak and want a drink I go to MWO and find someone is feeling just like me......keeps me grounded.
    Just thought I'd pop in with an life has been so busy 2 beautiful grandbabies are delightful.
    I have a free day today so will get reading back to see how you guys are doing. Stay strong! Catch ye' laters!

    Mario, you are the man! So well done and so happy you are back here!
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    Relapse starts long before the drink is drunk!!.Fresh Start!

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    Morning all,
    I'm tired & cold today so am enjoying a self indulgent tea morning.
    Lovely to see you Nursie - glad your step daughter has settled in well x
    Well done on day 10 Belle, I think the beginning of becoming sober again is most definitely the most difficult so well done getting through. I relapsed at about 4 years and four months and I was both frustrated & sad to have done so but try to take the positive from it & learn from it. It's great that you recognised that you needed to come back here & put a plan in place so quickly x
    LC, glad your managing so well & hope your sleep settles soon
    8 years is awesome Mario, Congratulations x It's really encouraging to hear really all your special milestones, with Ava & Pav reaching 3 years recently along shortly after by Jane's 6 years. Lav, I am also looking forward to you celebrating your wonderful 8 years in March & Byrdie, your 6 years very soon - I'm sure it's really good to look back & see how far you've come x
    A very mixed last couple of days for me, I decided to try going to a local AA meeting on Wednesday. I tried AA about 12 years ago when I was 19 but felt really out of place so I didn't continue with it - but thought it might be worth trying again as it had been so long! On the whole it was a positive experience but surreal as my perspective has changed alot since I'd been before. My most definite rock bottom was between the ages of 18-20. I didn't drink mornings or everyday but I binge drank like my death depended on it & was hospitalised at times. Ive read this, lots and initially associate 4th stage alcoholism with outwards signs of chronic loss of control i.e. the wino on the streets. However, I can identify with internal feelings of having no control & powerless being where the danger lies, as I didn't have a plan or see any positive in the future. My first 2 years of sobriety followed at 20 with pregnancy & my son arriving & separating from my partner was the start of my recovery & time moved quickly with few thoughts of the past or AL ... but taking some time to remember my rock bottom today not in the usual 'eugh what a mess/gross, glad I'm not there' but with a little more compassion for my struggling young self & grateful to be finding a way out x
    Wishing all a safe & sober Friday
    To see a world in a grain of sand
    And a heaven in a wildflower.
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
    And eternity in an hour.

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