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    Thread: Newbies Nest

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      Rahul, congratulations on 5 big years! Wow, you are in rare air! Yours is a real success story, I'm SO proud of you and the new life you have forged. I am constantly amazed at just how much AL robs us of our self worth and our ability to rise up and live. Keep up the great work and check in more often, it's always great to hear from you!

      It doesn't get much cuter than a dog in a stroller! Thank you for the smiles!

      Yes, I must admit that I lied as well during the first year I was on MWO. I kept trying and failing and I just couldn't face everyone and 'it was just a little slip' so I always thought I could pick up the pieces and move on. The trouble is, when all is said and done, I KNEW I was living a lie and that made the GSR's worse and as a result, I continued to fail. What I didn't understand is that the only thing that matters here is TRUTH. It's a support site, after all. If I go to the doctor and lie about something, he/she can't help me. They don't have all the information. BTW, omitting information was a practice of mine, too, that's just as bad. When I KNEW I had to get sober, it's amazing how I left BS at the curb....I got honest FAST. I asked for help and got it. I listened and learned and I reached back to help others. If you have 1 day sober, you have something to offer someone else. Yes, being truthful is important in this journey....took me a long time to realize that, but I get it now. BS didn't do anything to help me, in fact, it delayed my recovery. Easy to see now, not so much then!
      LC, I've really gotten in my closet and cleaned out stuff that's been hanging in there. I know I could do more, has anyone ever gone too far and given away stuff they wish they hadn't? So far, I have not done that, but I fear if I keep at it, I'm going to....just feel this need to get that stuff out of there. Heck I tried on all my pants over the weekend and about half of them wouldn't button! OUT they went. I'm tired of hearing myself say "I might wear this to ____". I think I have hoarding tendencies…..
      Hope everyone has an easy evening! Byrdie
      All you gotta do, is get thru this day. AF 1/20/2011
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      Newbie's Nest

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      Good evening Nesters,

      Rahul, CONGRATS to you on your 5 year AF anniversary
      Lots of us are still hanging around here so stop by anytime.

      Byrdie, half of my clothes are not fitting me either right now. Can you say too much winter (too much eating?) LOL

      Ava & Belle, love your doggie pictures.
      I've had dogs all my life but have never had one small enough to fit into a stroller, haha!!!

      Narilly, I hate when people sit & wait for your parking spot at Costco. They all look so damn impatient. Tough, huh??

      LC, I am confident you will find just the right things to fill your AF time. Keep looking & keep trying new things

      Slo, we ended up with ~4" of snow with a layer of ice on top, not swell.

      Kensho, Pav, G, wags, NS & everyone, hello.

      Wishing everyone a safe night in the nest!
      AF since 03/26/09
      NF since 05/19/09
      Success comes one day at a time

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      Good Thursday Morning, Nesters!

      Good to see you, Rahul! Congratulations on 5 years of freedom! It's always inspiring to read your posts..
      Nar, what's the latest news on the job hunt? Have you had any promising interviews? I hope you'll find something that you like soon..
      Love hearing the Costco stories/nightmares.. Both of my parents shop there, so when I'm in town I always get to go twice.. I like going on Saturdays when they have all the samples, though I won't touch half of them! Maybe a third!
      Byrdie, what I really liked when I watched this show, what inspired me, is she has you put all of your clothes in a pile on the bed first of all, to see how much you have. Then you pick up each item and ask yourself whether or not it "sparks joy".. that for me made it so easy to sort. You keep the things that do and the strong maybes, even the things you might not be sure about.. and the other things you thank for their use and get rid of. For me, I had things I'd been holding onto for so many years, that I will never ever wear again, that maybe I'd hoped to wear or that I just used to love.. and it was so nice to thank them and acknowledge the time they represented and then let them go. I have to say, I'm surprised at how freeing this is. I'm going to go through the whole flat!

      Wags, I think today is your partner's surgery.. sending you lots of strength and love! Any news on the plumbing projects? I sure hope you've had some good news..

      We're having a sourdough reunion today at work and I've got a bread in the oven that I'm praying won't come out like a pancake!

      Big hugs to all of you, Lav, NS, Kensho, G-man, Ava, Pauly, Minstar, Belle, Changes, Pauly, Pav, Slo, everyone stopping in today..xxx

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      Congratulations Rahul, way to go on 5 years!

      Thanks LC, still no job yet. I’m sure something will happen soon. Hope your bread turned out.

      Lav, it’s snowing here right now. They closed our main highway due to the snow. It is crazy.

      Byrdie, good on ya getting rid of some stuff. That always makes me feel good.

      Goodnight everyone.

      "Nothing in this World Can take the place of Persistence"
      "You can have the life you want OR you can Drink"

      AF April 12, 2014

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      Just popped in to say hello to the Newbies
      But also to thank the 'old timers' in here who continue to give support -- you are what MWO is all about
      Benji ....
      Doing it my way

      .... the joy of being sober never gets old !!

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