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    Thread: Newbies Nest

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      Hi, All:

      Kensho, fabulous post. All of that is true. I actually had no idea how much my use of alcohol was permeating every facet of my life, which has improved in ways I never thought it would. I am so glad to be rid of that anchor.

      LC - Deep relaxation is a great idea. I'm glad the CDs help. Hope you're well.

      Last night I had some tension about something and my husband opened a beer. I looked at it and thought, "he's lucky, he can relax in one can," but I didn't want a beer. Instead I did some breathing techniques and read my book to shift what my mind was thinking about. That was pretty quick relaxation as well, without all of the side effects.

      Happy SOBER Thursday,

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      G-dude - your trip will be amazing, er, fantástico! Having even a grasp of spanish pronunciation and then google translate will help a ton. During my early travels when my spanish was fairly basic, I found that in cities, hotels, airports etc people spoke enough English for us to muddle through almost any need, while in small towns, open air markets, and other non-tourist places, Spanish was pretty necessary but google translate - especially if you've got wifi and can use the audio function - you should be muy bien. I can't wait to hear...

      Kensho - great post, and great job halting your downward slide before you hit the bottom below the bottom. I feel fortunate to have enacted a similar halt - I'd suffered plenty of negative consequences but nothing that destroyed my life or health.

      LC - glad the CDs are helping you center yourself. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (and is carried out in the same way).

      I've been thinking quite a bit over the past few months, maybe nudged by my wife's surgery/rehab and my dad's medical scare, doing a mini eval of my life thus far and how I feel about how I've lived it. Generally feeling pretty good, still looking forward to many joys and adventures for sure, but also grateful for a decent highlight reel so to speak. I'm grateful I didn't lose all I had, all I have, to drinking. And it struck me that for me personally, a key to maintaining my quit is wanting what the quit provides for me more than whatever al seductively tries to suggest that it offers. Although I've mostly reached a point of not being the slightest bit tempted by the lies of al, it helps to have a solid "cost/benefit analysis" to fall back on should something try to sneak past my defenses.

      I'm so grateful to have this nest as a place to land every day (well, it's here and you're here every day, even if I don't manage to stop by). Hope you all have fantastic days and eves!
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      Re: Newbies Nest

      Wags, beautifully stated, as always. I've been taking some personal inventory, too. I'm so grateful for my many blessings. It was a shame that I had to hit a rock bottom to find my way out, but at least I didn't keep digging! I FOUND my way out. Available says it again and again, but it bears repeating, you have to be coachable. That was something I wasn't the greatest at doing. I thought I knew what was best for me, but alas. Humbling, really, to learn that others knew more about my disease than I did (Lav). I'm just thankful that when I was READY to do it, I had all the tools in place, I just had to use them.

      If I'd had a chainsaw and that Project Manager in front of me this afternoon, I am sure that I would have cut off something he needed. @#$%^! Fortunatley for him, he is 600 miles away.
      Stay strong, everyone, a sober life is worth the temporary discomfort! Hugs to all, Byrdie
      All you gotta do, is get thru this day. AF 1/20/2011
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      Newbie's Nest

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      Good evening Nesters,

      Byrdie, I think all chain saws should be removed from your reach immediately, LOL
      Tonight I am grateful that none of us resorted to chainsaws today

      LC, I was just thinking about all the books I've read since beginning this AF journey. I had a massive case of negativity to get rid of before I could even take a step towards day one. One book in particular I think would be good for all of us to read is: "Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakeable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness" by Rick Hanson, Ph.D & Forrest Hanson. I have most of my books on my Kindle app so I can easily jump in & reread a favorite chapter if I feel like I need a little tune up
      I'm glad to see you back today & every day!

      Wags, sometimes it's just a good idea to do a little self-evaluation. Some things happen (like turning 65 last December) shake me a little harder than I like but I have found gratitude helps me over those hurdles.

      Hello to Pav, Kensho, G & everyone checking in today.
      Wishing everyone a safe night in the nest!

      AF since 03/26/09
      NF since 05/19/09
      Success comes one day at a time

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      Good night everyone. Have a good sober night.

      "Nothing in this World Can take the place of Persistence"
      "You can have the life you want OR you can Drink"

      AF April 12, 2014

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      Good Morning All,

      Kenso, your post really hit me hard. When I first quit, many years ago, I did hit all the alcoholic red flags. I was starting to fall when drunk, bumps, bruises, and a badly sprained ankle. Drunken arguments with ex before he was ex, that I had to try and remember the next day. Turning off the lights and going to bed with a half a glass of wine that I stumbled and spilt all over a freshly painted wall. The next morning I had to figure out how the stain got there. Hung over so badly in the morning, swearing not to drink again, only to come home and pour a glass of wine as soon as I put my purse down. I did the most inappropriate things and just passed them off. I was miserable but kept doing it till I got tired of creating my own misery. It floors me now to think I could ever drink like a normal person again. I started down the same path taking different steps but finishing a bottle of wine at 6am to get it in the trash for pick up was not appropriate and I am glad I stopped. Yesterday was my 4th week sober, woohoo, and the 28th I can mark 30 days! I am so glad you guys are here because I couldn't do it without you!

      I have had two busy days! Wednesday we had a surprise party for one of the ladies in our group. It was great. We went to a really nice restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful meal together. Thank God no one drinks in this group. Our project for this month will be a yard sale to raise money for our little local library. The library in this little town is not used much because it is so small and I am not sure how we can really improve it, but I am sure the support will be welcomed. We will probably all still use the library in the next town over because their selection is better

      Yesterday my husband I went on a quest to find a heater for our hot tub. The hot tub came with our house and the former owners did offer to get rid of it for us but hubby was sure he could fix it. We went to about a half dozen stores to find the heater and was so proud when we came home, then the project started. We could not find the breaker for the outlet. I had to find the inspection we had done when we bought the house to find the hidden breaker box. It was hidden in plain sight, of course. Hubby got the heater in, thought we were good to go, filled the bugger up to add cleaner and clean all the hoses but found the pump didn't work. Draining has taken all night and hubby is determined to get a sup pump so we don't have to do this again and we are going to have to find another water pump. He is sweet to do this because I get to start exercising more next week and he wants me to have the hot tub to help with inevitable soreness I will feel. Is he a keeper or what?!!! We embark on the next leg of our adventure in a little bit. This is beginning to feel like the Amazing Race!

      My brain tumor is healing nicely, in case you were wondering. The doc gave some wonderful prescription allergy medicine and I went the whole day yesterday without a head ache!

      Hello to everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful sober day!

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      Re: Newbies Nest

      New Sun, wonderful that you’re getting some allergy relief! It must feel good to be most of the way healed from neck surgery and off steroids too. And...30 days AF this weekend!

      Kensho, yes, you were worse off than you were telling yourself, and I also was way worse off than I was telling myself. So your post really hit home. Luckily we both got out before we suffered any more significant outward consequences than the ones we already were having.

      LC, that clearing CD sounds like a great way to decompress after work. We need some substitute to having a drink. Like Pav used breathing techniques & escaping into a novel for a bit.

      Lav, I might have to take a look at the book that you recommended. Having an unshakable core is probably where it’s at, and I’ve never really had one.

      Happy booze-free Friday to all!
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      Once a pickle, never a cucumber again.

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