Good evening nesters,

I had a super busy day & am just now sitting down to write a few posts. We are both retired & wonder how we had time to get things done before, haha! Plus the extra time to drink.....geez.

Witchy, please take care of yourself & be careful. You have to stay hydrated during this weaning time so be sure to get plenty of fluids in each day. Some people get an Rx from their doc to take the edge off (Serax) or something similar. Be sure you have someone close you can contact if you need help. We are all wishing the very best for you right now.

Kensho, enjoy that mountain vacation!

Wags, glad to hear you enjoyed yours.

Belle, good job on your 6 days!! I hope your son heals up quickly. Keep focusing on you.

Murph, AL is everywhere BUT we can successfully learn to ignore it, honestly! It is hard at first but it gets easier with practice

Hello to Matt, Narilly, Pav, Touch, Byrdie & everyone checking in later.

Wishing a safe night in the nest for all!