Good evening Nesters,

Hot & humid - basically disgusting, haha!!!
I gave my chickens ice water & extra large slices of cold watermelon this afternoon. Feel sorry for those girls out in this heat.

Belle, glad you survived the beach with 4 teens. That can’t be an easy feat!!!
Sorry your daughter is dealing with high anxiety. Has she seen anyone specifically about that? Sometimes unbalanced hormones can be the cause, something to look into anyway. Glad you are doing so well.

LC, good to see you check in as well.
I agree with you, our food choices make a big difference. I have sleep issues & if I add bad food to that I’m sure to be awake half the night.
I read a bit again today about eating for your blood type. I was always skeptical about that & what I read today just really clarified what I thought. I think we do best if we stick to whole foods, eliminate the processed stuff as much as possible & get a variety of fresh fruits & veggies, lean proteins, that sort of thing. Sugar wipes me out so I don’t indulge often & I don’t use artificial sweeteners. Whole grains rock!!

Nora, good to see you as always

Byrdie, your cake is beautiful! Maybe this excess heat & humidity affected your fondant?
I hope the rest of your day was good.

Hello to everyone & wishing a safe night in the nest for all!