Tony, I called the DMV yesterday to try and get an appointment to get a 'Real ID' I think that's what they are calling it. It took several calls and disconnects, once I got thru, I wrote the number down wrong that the prompts gave me (I wasn't expecting to have to call another phone number) but I finally got through to a person. In true fashion, the information she gave me as to what I needed to bring left me confused. 2 forms of address ID, 2 forms of personal ID, a voter registration card, a W2, a car registration, a birth certificate....good grief. I'm bringing everything I have and hope for the best. The first appointment I could get is for September 26.

I got fussed at from a coworker for giving out her email address to a customer. Go figure. Whatever. No more word from my big deal I'm trying to get....that can't come soon enough.
BIL is adjusting to his new normal. The meds have made him feel lightheaded, hoping that passes. He seems to be in good spirits, all things considered. It could have had a much different ending and we are hearing all kinds of stories where it did. I am so grateful for all the well wishes from my nestmates!
It's only Friday, not a ticket to BoozeVille! Byrdie