I've been awol from the nest and for the most part I did pretty good, but I know I need to be here every day. This past week, I was juggling a sick dog, who I had to put in doggy daycare, so that I could go to a training class in the city...which meant dropping off dog and all her stuff, driving to subway, taking the train to city and to a class that wasn't worth the money my boss paid for it. Then rewind to get home and add a trip to the grocery store and/or pet supply store before getting dog home, putting some sort of dinner together and dealing with driving gymnastics teens around.

I did not crack until last night. It was a case of the f*ck its...long hard week and I am coming down with a cold or something. so starting fresh today. Last night I only gulped some wine from a bottle hubs and son used for cooking before pouring the rest out. I need to talk to them and tell them if they are done, pour it out themselves.

I just have not had the time to read or post last week due to the craziness. And now I know the daily reminders and support are important. I often wondered how the people with kids doing day care drops, etc. and then commute to work do it. But for the most part, people with day care age kids are a lot younger than me. I am not half the person I was even 10 years ago.

So onward to another try, another week. I'm not doing badly, but any AL is not good.

Time to read back now. Waves and Cheers to everybody!
I will make it. Each time it gets better and better but I don't want to do this restart over and over.