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Thread: Newbies Nest

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    14th July, 2009.
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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Hello Nesters. I haven't been around for so long. Good to see familiar faces. I hope that everyone is doing well. We are hanging in there.

    I just wanted to drop in and say hello. I am so grateful to everyone here. I'm going to try to read back but just in case I get sidetracked again, I wanted to say hello first.

    "Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.".....Carol Burnett
    AF - 7-27-15

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Morning nesters, Byrdie, when you first talked about not attending the baby shower I thought you were overeacting cuz I THOUGHT by now this crap would be done with, who'd have known that by now it'd have gotten worse! Wise woman you, I'm glad you trusted your gut Pav, I get chronic headaches from a weird neck kink that my chiro thinks I got as a kid, the x-ray basically shows a C shaped neck, instead of being straight like regular people, anyways I was basically living off Advil for a few years and got worried so I started the turmeric/bromelain combo and have only had to take the occasional Advil since, only during TOM or if I sleep on my neck weird, seems also to help sleep and mood? So I'll stick with it Nora, good to see you come back lady! Waves to the gang and wishes for a fabulous AF day!!!
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    I have too much shit to do today and tomorrow to drink

    I'm taking care of the "tomorrow me"
    Drinkin won't help a damn thing! Will only make me sick for DAYS and that ugly, spacey dumb feeling-no thanks!

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Hi, All:

    So nice to see you, @NoraC - thanks for dropping in. What's going on with you??

    Wow, Lav, a restaurant is a bold move...but I'm glad you saw your friends. It feels so good to actually SEE people.

    Byrdie - you were so right not to go to the shower. I'm sorry they're feeling regret and I hope they are all ok. 26 people is a lot!

    Wags, I am jealous of your trip. Enjoy!

    I have had three night social distant events (no more than 6 people). In the past I would have had drinks at every one and had hangovers or at least a lack of sleep. I am so very grateful that I can have weeknight events and not worry about anything. I can drive home, get a good night's sleep, and still feel like I had a mini-vacation.

    Happy SOBER hump day.

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Happy Un Hung Canada Day Everyone.

    Everyone sounds good. We are going to celebrate distantly today.

    I have gone to a couple of restaurants over the past few weeks and it has been very enjoyable. I miss that the most I think.
    I had to take my MIL for a shoe fitting the other day and the mall was packed! So many people were walking around with no masks, I could not believe it. What a recipe for disaster. I kept my mask on and got the h. out of the mall when our fitting was done.

    My daughter has been a bit cranky lately, I try not to take it personally but sometimes it is hard when we are in the same house. I keep reminding myself that "it is not about me", she is going through some stuff. I remember being like that in my 20's.

    So nice not having to try and moderate on Canada Day. Grateful to be sober.

    have a good one everybody.

    "Nothing in this World Can take the place of Persistence"
    "You can have the life you want OR you can Drink"

    AF April 12, 2014

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    hey people, about this hour 6 months ago i finished my last beer. i've stayed AF since.
    despite relapsing into smoking pot for a while until some weeks ago, i've found that staying clear of the stuff these last few weeks isn't that much of an issue anymore either. even while struggling in some other areas, i feel firm in my desire to stay present with whatever life brings.
    although i haven't posted here, i didn't relapse anymore.

    thank you so much for supporting me in getting here.
    AF since Jan 2nd 2020
    DF since June 14th 2020

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Greetings Nesters,

    Julia, Congrats on your 6 months AF, yay! You have done a great job & have dealt with your pot setback very well! Good to see you today.

    Nora, goodness, welcome back woman haha!! Always good to see you!

    Wags, I hope your weekend is fun & relaxing by the water

    Pauly & Pav, glad you are both doing well.

    Byrdie, I am so happy you did not go to that shower. I sure hope the mom-to-be stays healthy, geez!
    I just read about the Alabama students putting money in a pot & trying to catch Covid to win the pot. Talk about dumb

    Narilly, Happy Canada day to you & I’m happy to hear you are being careful, especially with your Mom.

    I was absolutely happy to get out yesterday for the first time since February BUT it’s not something I plan to do frequently. The conditions were controlled & I knew the people I would be coming into contact with, felt safe. I don’t want to do anything stupid & wind up getting sick, for sure.
    Hello to everyone & wishing a safe night in the nest for all!

    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Hello Nesters,

    I popped in after a long time. And how world has changed since then. New words came in dictionary like social distancing &Covid. As some of you know I live in New Delhi , India and situation is quite grim here. The has not left any part the world and despite a vert strict lockdown for 2 months there virus is still very much around.

    Today I am in distress and could not sleep the whole night. One of our staff members in our factory met with an accident on foot while returning home. He apparently had a fracture with bone exposed. Before minor surgery he was tested and was declared Covid+ Post surgery one day later Covid took over and he passed away. Very shocking for our office how someone can go away so fast.

    I never felt afraid of this virus but now I am beginning to feel scared of it.

    Other than this I am cycling like crazy and of course no drinks

    Byrdlady itís good you didnít go to baby shower safety is most important

    Lav going to a restaurant felt like ages ago. I am glad you had a good time.

    Pavati, turmeric is very commonly used in Indian diet, lately I have been having it mixed with warm milk it a good thing to have.

    Itís good to see my fellow MWO community strong here and doing well. I wish you are a safe time.
    Rewiring my brain ... done ...
    Updating brain "attitude" firmware ... done ...
    Rebooting ... done ...
    Restarted program called "Life" ... started successfully ...

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Rahul and Nora, what a pleasant surprise to see you both!
    Rahul, I’m so sorry to hear this devastating news about your coworker. This is just an awful situation the world is in. The virus is running rampant here in the US, too, as you know. I am very anxious about it. We seem to be having record setting days, I really don’t know where this is all going. It is very scary. I just hate to hear about your coworker, I can’t imagine! Your whole office must be crushed. I am so sorry.

    Wags, yes, give the Turmeric a try, it took about a month for me to really notice a difference, I woke up one day and realized I didn’t ache so much. Funny, you don’t realize you are feeling better as it’s happening. It’s like the absence of something...good luck!

    Great job, Julia, on 6 months AF! Just amazing! Congrats! We are so proud of you! Keep up the great work!
    Stay safe and sober! Byrdie
    All you gotta do, is get thru this day. AF 1/20/2011
    Tool Box
    Newbie's Nest

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Hi Nesters,

    Gosh, so much going on in this crazy world. I don't really know what to think.
    Byrdie, good on you for staying home. I also don't understand the decision to have a baby shower in times like these.. as far as I'm concerned, there's not much that can't be postponed in the name of safety. It feels surreal to be living in a place where covid seems like a thing of the past (not really, but with the way things have opened up here, borders, travelling, etc.) when in so many countries it's worse than ever. I'm quite worried about my parents in AZ, as they know they won't be getting a hospital bed if they get sick. Fortunately they're being ultra safe/careful.

    Rahul, I'm so sorry to hear about your coworker.. I hope you're able to stay safe. I can imagine social distancing is much more difficult there than in many places, with so many people living in the cities.. my thoughts are with you.

    Julia, well done on 6 months af! What an accomplishment. I'm glad you're finding ways to deal with/accept life without the weed.. it's sounds like you're feeling strong.

    Happy belated Canada Day, Nar! Gosh, I hear you with the shopping.. I had to go the other day to get shoes for my girls.. here you have to wear a mask and they only let a certain number of people in at a time, which is great. I got there 30 minutes early so we could get in first. But I hate wearing a mask.. I feel so claustrophobic and I get all sweaty. I guess I'm saving money, though!

    Wags, have a wonderful time at the river!

    Lav, Pav, Pauly, Nora, NS, Gman, Kensho, hugs and love to you all..
    let's make it a good af Thursday!
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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Good evening Nesters,

    Hot outside so I’ve been inside most of the day. I have plenty of projects going on so it’s not a big deal.

    Rahul, I am so sorry to hear about your coworker. It’s true, things can change in an instant & accidents are especially scary. I have. To give thanks every morning for the opportunity to have another day because we never know. Please take care of yourself & stop in more often.

    Byrdie, our governor issued mandatory mask wearing yesterday when out of your house!! There are still plenty of non-believers though & I don’t know how that order can possibly be enforced. If people would only care for others as much as they care for themselves we wouldn’t be having the mask issue.

    LC, good to see you & glad to hear you & your girls are being careful. Keep practicing with the mask - you will get used to it after a while
    I hope your parents in Arizona plan to stay close to home. The outbreak there has been pretty bad lately as it is in the southern states & Florida. We all need to be careful!

    Hello to all & wishing everyone a safe night in the nest!
    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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