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Thread: Newbies Nest

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Hi, All:

    Slow few days in the nest. I hope everyone is ok.

    It is nice to have this day off. However, my husband had direct contact with someone with Covid, so he is in quarantine. We live in a quite small apartment with only one bathroom, so it is pretty difficult to stay completely away. He's sleeping in a different room, and we're not hanging out together. Boy do I hope he doesn't test positive!

    Belle, how are you and your family?

    Rahul, good to see you drop by and very sorry about your friend. For some reason I didn't realize New Delhi was your home - I thought you travelled a lot in India for business but lived elsewhere. I imagine it is difficult in such a populous city. Take good care.

    Happy Canada Day, Narilly. I hope you celebrated by staying safe!

    Hi to everyone else. Have great SOBER weekends.


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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Happy Un Hung Friday everyone.

    Hello Rahul and Nora. So sorry about your co worker Rahul, that is awful. India has such a large, dense population, I can't imagine how hard it must be to contain this virus. My parents are from Punjab so I know a bit about India.

    Sheesh Pav, I really hope your hubby is not positive! Holy crap.

    I have found it hard to get into the MWO website lately, it is super slow. I tried to log in yesterday and basically gave up. Has anyone else been having problems?

    Hope all you Americans stay safe on this holiday. It is a good time to just stay home.

    Dont drink today. xo

    "Nothing in this World Can take the place of Persistence"
    "You can have the life you want OR you can Drink"

    AF April 12, 2014

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Hi Nesters!

    I've also had problems signing in and getting on a page, Nar.. it's been the case for the past couple of weeks for me.

    Pav, big hugs to you and gosh, I sure hope your husband and you all are ok.

    It's strange here.. both of my girls are travelling this summer with friends.. my youngest with her bff, who is half Greek and with her dad and my eldest with her bff, who is half Croatian.. so they are following all of the rules, of course... but there have been so few "cases" there (Greece/Croatia), that most of the people don't follow any rules. It's going around here in the media, that the reason for the low rates of infection/death is due to the fact that they aren't testing.. so if they aren't testing, they can't rule that Covid is a reason for deaths.. and if the deaths haven't increased/are not actually higher than normal..??
    I found that interesting.

    I don't believe in conspiracy theories, but I'm also not happy with the way the fear/some misinformation has been spread.

    Full stop!

    So little happening in my life, that I don't feel I have much to share.. but I want to keep constant here..
    I'm heading to my friends house for the weekend..she had 4 chickens and lots of garden work, so I know I'll be busy..

    love to you all!!
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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Hi Everybody,
    As usual I have lost track of days...cannot believe it is July 4 holiday time already...though it will be much different this year.

    So much going on in the Nest. Rahul, what a shock about your coworker. As I have said before, Covid is a sneaky b*stard.

    Ava, so glad Cardi got through her surgery and is on the mend. Bonnie's 'desexing' (I so dislike the words 'spay' and 'neuter') is scheduled for July 24. Which happens to be the day we always celebrated Piper's birthday. We did not know her real birthday or year, but knew that July 24 was the day she was tossed out of a pickup truck and some good samaritans found her.

    Covid is still taking residence at my home, though nobody is or has been very ill. As I mentioned early last week, daughter's boyfriend went to a cabin in the Shenandoah mountains with 7 friends. After being there for 3 days, his covid test results were delivered: Positive. ALL the boys broke camp and went home Thursday night. I told boyfriend's parents that he should come straight to my house as we are all in quarantine already. They thought about it...and because they have a special needs son, who was also born with underdeveloped lungs...they let boyfriend come here. I think he 'insisted' on The best news was that the entire family was tested and everyone else is negative. So I have had an extra teen man/boy here now for 8 days and counting. I am not sure what the criteria will be for him to return home...if ever??? (just kidding there). But he and daughter have kept each other company...and I am wondering if it has been in questionable ways sometimes.

    I tested negative. I still think I had covid. the kind that gives you extreme eye pain and headaches for just 3 days and then poof...just like someone hit the off was gone.

    I actually have real work to do today, so better get on it. It is crazy hot out today, so I will take my walk much later and in the dark.

    I took a quick trip to the grocery store yesterday and saw at least 3 people either not wearing masks or wearing them on their chins. What is wrong with people. We have a mask ordinance in place here and these people just ignore it and put the rest of us in danger. Why doesn't store management kick these people out!!

    No drinking here. Who needs more grief anyway???

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Belle, it is great to hear you are doing so well. Great also that no one in your family is getting the 'bad version' of Covid.

    I've been very busy the last couple weeks and when I did have a moment, so often could not get on MWO. When I did get on, I didn't have much to say for some reason.

    I'm thinking of all of you, though, and hoping everyone is doing well in all ways. xx, NS

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Morning nesters

    Julia congrats on 6 months af, keep it up, its something i dont miss at all anymore and wonder why i ever drank.

    Rahul, that is such a sad story, take care of yourself and the family.

    LC, i would be worried sick if my kids decided to travel but we cant get out of Australia, actually we cant get out of our State. Melbourne seems to be getting all of the covid cases so we have suburbs in lockdown and people crying on the tv as they cant meet friends for coffee. If everyone followed the rules, which are quite simple really, then this wouldnt happen. Humans are very very slow learners.

    Cardi is fine and dandy, what surgery! My washing machine karked it the other day so had to buy a new one and thats about all of the excitement in my life. I am getting new carpet in my bedrooms this coming Wednesday so i really have to clean my bedroom.

    Belle, glad to see your fam are all ok. Good luck with Bonnies surgery, Piper will be looking after her. Mads never had a birthday date so i always made it the 11th March. We got Mads off a friend of mine and my daughter wanted her and i said no but i was drunk and ended up saying yes of course. The best drunk decision i ever made and there werent many of good decisions drunk!

    take care and be safe xx
    AF free 1st December 2013 - 1st December 2019 - 6 years of living the way i should have always done

    Ava is a SHPFFFDU ! (Special, honest, practical, fantastic friend from downunder) - thank you NS

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Greetings Nesters!

    Hot one today with a high of 97 humid degrees, yuck!
    Spent most of the day in my kitchen creating good things to eat because I will not cook outside in this heat even if it is a holiday weekend, haha!

    Pav, keeping my fingers crossed for your husband & you

    Narilly, those issues with getting on the site happen from time to time but right now I’m not having any problem. Hope you have a good weekend.

    LC, glad to see you regardless of what you have to say
    Your girls are lucky to have the ability to travel around, I hope they have fun & stay safe! I was 40 before I first traveled to Europe but would have loved to have gone sooner. With all the current BS going on we can’t even leave the US, sigh.

    Belle, I hope everyone heals quickly & you stay safe!

    NS, always good to see you! This is such a weird time & it’s tiring some days to have to keep changing plans & adjusting our thinking. I believe if we hang in there & do what the experts tells us to do we will be OK. Hang in there!

    Ava, my appliances don’t seem to last very long these days either. I’m spending all my retirement funds replacing machines, haha! Glad Cardi is doing well. I love new carpeting, we got new carpeting in our bedrooms 2 years ago. Enjoy your purchases

    Hello to the rest of the nest & wishing everyone a safe & comfy night.
    AF since 03/26/09
    NF since 05/19/09
    Success comes one day at a time

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Hey all. Staying in this weekend, traffic is a mess out there, you’d never know we have record setting Covid case numbers. It’s insane. I just shake my head!
    Its only Friday, not a ticket to BoozeVille! Stay safe and healthy, everyone. Byrdie
    All you gotta do, is get thru this day. AF 1/20/2011
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