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Thread: Newbies Nest

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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Mabel is here!!
    Granddaughter was born this evening, and mom & baby are well & healthy! I’m so glad daughter went into labor spontaneously today and had the baby naturally -because she wanted to be induced tomorrow, and had made plans to do so! And I didn’t quite agree with it. So all worked out well!

    I love your analogy to working with chocolate, Byrdie; and think it would be a good addition to the Toolbox. Alcohol seems to have very firm, inflexible rules too, and we can’t bend them. Once it has done whatever it does to the human brain and the line is crossed, we can keep fighting with it -but we will lose, over & over again.

    Interesting, Narilly! So I’m likely not far off the mark -I think this counselor IS influencing him to divorce! I wish I had tried harder to keep a relationship of some sort going with him instead of giving up -now that it’s for real I just really don’t want to divorce. It sounds terrifying. You’re right, Lav: I needed to realize that he’s probably been doing the best he can with the role models he was given and the influences he has had. I’ve been judging too harshly.

    You have been burning the candle at both ends lately, Wags; so you sure won’t be well-rested yet!

    Sounds like a nice Mother’s Day hiking together, Pavati.

    Sweet dreams to all in the Nest!
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    Re: Newbies Nest

    Hi, All:

    Byrdie - I love your posts. Honestly, I think you should collect them for a book of some type. Along with NS, Mr. G, Lav, etc. Maybe we could do an MWO's best - there are gems here from everyone. Glad you tamed the chocolate AND the alcohol.

    Slo - there is an alternate perspective - that your husband came to that conclusion and is saying the counselor told him to. I'm not trying to bust up your marriage, but I also think it is important not to second guess where you're coming from. It IS possible that the marriage has run its course and it is time to leave. I think of his not being supportive when your brother died. I really don't know either of you or the marriage, but I just want to give you that second perspective. Both of my sisters are divorced - it was very hard and scary but they both ended up in much better places. Whatever happens, I hope you find happiness.

    Wags, glad you're getting into the time off. I do hope you get some rest. I started getting invitations for may the minute we were all double vaccinated and now my May is TOO full... It was a shock to my system to have so many things to do outside of the house.

    Nar, sorry you are in a surge. There is grim data from here about variants and the lack of vaccinations leading to a long (20+ years) cycle of outbreaks here. I wish we were more united in helping each other.

    Happy SOBER Tuesday, all.

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