Good evening Nesters,

It’s really cold & windy today, just like it’s supposed to be this time of year, haha!
You know the saying - boys & their toys - well my husband took his iPad to our daughter’s house yesterday (why? I don’t know). As soon as we got home last night he realized he forgot to bring it home, duh. So yes we did make the hour + trip on Black Friday back to our daughter’s house so he could get his iPad. That wasn’t what I had planned to do today but oh well. Then he had to stop at Costco on. The way home just to really waste more time, LOL

Belle, please commit yourself to never stop trying. You will get there as soon as you convince yourself that AL is poison & will never make your life right. At least that’s what I had to do & it totally worked. Always glad to see you checking in, now make it a daily thing, that helps too. Enjoy your babysitting, it’s fun!

Pav, hope your Thanksgiving was nice, good to see you.
As it. Turns out my granddaughter inherited my dairy intolerance so my daughter knows all the right substitutes. She knows about the low sodium issue too & nothing was over-salted. I did make some appetizers & a pumpkin roll (all dairy free & reduced sodium). They did the rest of the work & it was wonderful.

Slo, I’m sorry you’re feeling so squeezed with all these family gatherings. So why hasn’t your husband shared the news with his family? Sounds like maybe he’s a bit fearful or hesitant. Maybe he’s not ready for their reactions? Honestly, don’t torture yourself, you deserve so much better better. Keep looking forward, no sense in staying back in a rut. Anything is possible if you stay positive.
I guess I was raised differently in that I was expected to pitch in & help my Mom with everything. I was the only girl with 3 brothers so it was up to me to help her. When I had my kids I decided they both could/should learn the basics of keeping house & taking care of themselves. Good thing I did too because my son does most of the cooking & laundry, his wife is useless. It’s never too late for them to learn though

Hello to all & wishing everyone a safe night in the nest!