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      Does hypnotism take time?

      Hi kids,

      I'm on my third night of the tapes. I've never been one who has been able to be hypnotized. When the hypnotist came every year in school - it never worked on me. I don't know why. I'm really trying and I'm doing the visualizing but I don't really think I'm in that "state". It doesn't matter how many times the guy says "deeper" - I'm always still aware that I'm in my room and I can feel my cat moving at my feet and I can hear the sounds outside my window. I know I'm really relaxed but don't feel myself in any altered state.

      Does this get easier? Is it just like anything else - does it take practice and training my mind? I'll keep at it but am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same sort of situation.

      You guys are great. Thanks for any thoughts/feedback.


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      Does hypnotism take time?

      I have the same problem. I just keep trying. They also seem a little long.

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      Does hypnotism take time?

      Keep On Trying!

      Hi Marcia and Pea

      If you are bothered by the outside noise and you can afford it, you can buy noise-cancelling headphones that will really drown out that noise. One way that I have dealt with outside noise is by doing the hypno in a room with a fan going. I can hear the fan, but it is just a constant sound, so it is like "white noise", and therefore, not disruptive.

      It is VERY important to be able to have as few disruptions as possible when you do hypnosis, especially if it is hard for you to get into a deep trance. I don't know that the fact that you remain aware of your surroundings means that you aren't going into trance at all, though, although you may need more practice with it to be able to relax even more deeply. I think it is a good sign that you feel really relaxed, for starters! Your subconscious will only let you get as deep as you feel safe going at this point. As you get more used to it, you may be able to get deeper.

      You may even have to ask Kitty to leave the room, which I completely understand, as my Kitty had to learn that the wires to my earbuds were not toys to be played with while Mom was doing hypno. However, we had a serious talk and the threat of banishment was enough to convince her to stop!

      As far as the tapes being long, you really only have to listen to Part 1 every so often. It is part 2 of the clearing and hypno that you should listen to 2x/week each. If you can listen to part 1 1x/week each, you'll be doing great. Listening to Part 1 is great practice for learning to go into trance. If you write down your affirmations/suggestions, and go over them each morning, and spend some time visiualizing them each day, that will also help them get into your subconscious, as well.

      I hope this helps, some!



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      Does hypnotism take time?

      Thanks Kathy: Like Peaches and Marcia I also have a hard time staying still long enough to feel like I'm going into a trance. It's like that old adage... "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? .... Practice, practice, practice..."

      Monday is DONE YEA!

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