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    Hypnotherapy CDs

    I have begun taking supplements and I want to start listening to the CDs. The problem is I don't really have time to go through the first 14 days of intensive listening recommended. I was considering listening to one program each night. Does that make sense and will it work?

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    Hypnotherapy CDs

    It should work. I'd listen in the order it suggests. The way they recommend is supposed to get faster results is all. You can listen to sleep learning at low volume, without headphones while sleeping. The subliminal can be played at low volume while doing regular stuff (except driving). I play it as background noise when working on the computer or doing stuff around the house.

    Good luck with the program and welcome to MWO!

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    Hypnotherapy CDs

    I agree with dancelot. I think the key is staying consistant. I got out of the habit and noticed a change. You definately have to commit.

    Good luck and a big

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