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    Day 4...Im Still Standing Y'all!!

    I am so amazed that I got through last night with the help and advice of everybody here. I didnt sleep well-but thats okay, I'll just be sleepy earlier tonight! It all works for the greater good (lol). I did have a moment today. My daughters Sweet 16 Party is next Saturday. We went to pick up some more stuff for the party and she (wow just one so far!) began to stress me out about a $500 Sidekick... I am pissed that she is so ungrateful sometimes!!! (But what teenager isn't?) I felt the urge, so strong!!! I took alot of deep breaths!!! Walked a bit faster and changed the conversation after about5 minutes it passed!!! (the urge and my level of pisstivity) So for this moment (and that one) I am grateful. Thank you God! Thank you MWO family. PS-LETS GO JETS!!!!!!

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    Day 4...Im Still Standing Y'all!!

    Good for you, Mommy! Keep it up! (I like that word "pisstivity" :H - good one!)

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    Day 4...Im Still Standing Y'all!!

    well done,keep to your goal.:-)

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    Day 4...Im Still Standing Y'all!!

    Congrats! don`t give up!!

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    Day 4...Im Still Standing Y'all!!

    Glad to hear you got thru Saturday night OK! I knew you could
    Just keep checking the Tool box for ideas to help you work thru the rough moments.... it really helps.
    Keep up the good work - you won't be sorry!


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