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    Thread: Up late

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      8th October, 2006.
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      Up late

      I live in mountain time and work late so I was wondering if anyone else was still up now. This is my first time here and it looks great, like it will be a big help. I am not sure I am an alcoholic but I am sure I have a problem with drinking and would like to cut down. I have tried AA but find their times don't always mesh with my schedule of two almost full time jobs, four kids and a sick father. Can anyone relate?:new: :new: :new:

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      20th September, 2006.
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      Up late


      Welcome Leahluv!

      It's nearly 2 am PDT and I'm still up. This is a great place to be...many here, including myself, wonder how serious their alcolhol intake is. The most important thing is, you realize it's a problem for you, and it's something you want to change. In many ways, that's half the battle since pervasive denial is what keeps problem drinkers drinking at problem levels
      So, look around, post some stuff, ask questions, and you'll find amazing support and encouragement from people here. The book (currently available as a download) is essential. It describes the program in detail. Follow it and you're on your way to a healthier and happier future.
      Good luck to you!


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      6th October, 2006.
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      Up late

      Night Owls

      Hey, Leahluv & Kayjay-
      I'm a night owl, also, and that's usually when my mind and world slow down long enough to sit and read posts on this site, and look deeply into myself (using the wisdom from everyone here, of course). We might try a late-night talk in the chat room sometime...And yes, it's ok to show up if you've been drinking...It may be that's when we need to talk the most-and, if we re-read our posts the next day, maybe we'll see some pearls of wisdom! (Or just be reminded of the silly things we say after a few drinks)
      There's got to be a few others who are night owls...

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