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    Monday July 4, 2022

    abcowboy - Day 2729
    Quitting and staying quit isnít easy, itís learning a whole new way of thinking. Itís accepting a new way of life, and not just accepting it, embracing it...
    Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Just get through today. Tomorrow will look after itself when it becomes today, because today is all we have to think about.
    Friendship is not about how many friends you have or who you've known the longest. It's about who walked into your life, said "I'm here for you", and proved it.

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    Re: Newbies Nest Roll Call

    Monday July 4, 2022

    abcowboy - Day 2729
    Elvis - Day 2799

    [moon] [guy] [shout] [two] [horse] [three] [rockon] [worthy] [spin] [allgood] [two] [dancin] [shout] [baby] [fist] [celebrate] [dancin] [rockon] [welldone] [bouncy] [applause2] [dancing] [lucky] [worthy] [llama] [shout] [horn] [three] [applause] [hyper] [dancegirl] [black] [bumpit] [sohappy]

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