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    UK Doctors

    If I was to go to my doctors and tell them i had a drink problem, how would they react ?
    I have never had the courage but I always assumed it would be met with cut down then.
    I have also heard if drink problem goes on your record life insurance etc goes up ALOT
    If put my mind to it I can stop for 6 to 7 weeks but I am starting to think for a permanent abstinence I may need help.
    I gave up smoking using the patches, but my problem is I am guessing apart from on this site I do not admit to anyone I have a problem ! why I don't know just cant seem to say it.
    I clearly do have a problem and my face and weight has all the signs to prove it.
    So why is this a struggle for me to tell someone who may help I just do not know
    My mum is a 24/7 alcoholic and my sister is showing all the signs as well but when I ask her she will not admit it either

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    UK Doctors

    Hi there,GMC.

    Let's start with the question about insurance. A UK GP cannot give any of your information to any other organisation without your written permission. Now that's out of the way, let's get on with the rest.

    Not sure how your doctor will react, but he'll probably start with the AA routine, but there are other options like MWO. All I can advise is to tell him/her everything warts and all. A GP has is not a specialist in alcoholism so will probably refer you on to a drug and alcohol team. If not, ask.

    I have to say my doctors were wonderful. It may be a good idea to see one of the more senior partners as they'll have seen it all before. Write down what you need to ask and what you're willing to do. I know when I go to the doctor my leg could be falling off and when he asked how I was I'd still smile and say 'Oh I'm fine, just a bit of a sore leg' so I always write down a few notes.

    Remember our doctors want us well.

    J x

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    UK Doctors

    You can't jus go straight to a Psychiatrist? In the US most
    insurance include substance/alc abuse under mental
    health and you don't need a referal.

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