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    How to make it a whole year sober!

    Mick;1552628 wrote: Hi ak..firstly apologies for missing your one year ..very well done and may there be many more

    Secondly, your strategy is good ..mine was very similar tho up to 30 days is def the hardest ..also then all your major is REALLY important to remain on the forum irrespective of what thread you are on,because at each of your milestones,you feel so pleased with yourself that you have achieved it,you want to share it and everyone to be happy for you ,whereas in the real world no-one gives a .... because they are so busy ,and secondly they didnt know you had a problem because you never identified it to anyone.
    How many times have you heard the phrase "theres such and such he/she likes a good drink",and thats how its seen.
    Your 15 min rule is brill..Instead of that I used to think lots of questions ,,and write them down in some cases ,do I need a drink ,benefits of it ,not drinkng what ifs , health , financial, capabilities all sorts of things and just like you say it subsided ..also drink water at the same time...called surfing the crave.
    AKthis started as a personal congrats to you so I apologise for woffling on ..but between us if anyone reads this and tries the ideas on this thread and it works then its worthwhile of luck for year 2..btw youll need the brolly in the avatar today!!!:H
    One year on I find it very hard to understand why people start drinking... I started just to ease the social tension around the age of 16-18 when you start socialising, hanging out with girls....I guess that's why other people start as well.

    People have this false idea that it helps you relax. It made me feel anxious.
    They say it helps you to socialise. It made me lose interest in people.
    They say it is good for you in moderation. I call bullshit on that one.
    They say they like the taste (it is what I used to say too) now the smell alone make me feel notious.

    The only benefit of alcohol is that it can help you forget about your troubles for one night but then you pay double, triple... in the days to come.

    So its like going to into massive debt just to feel like a big shot for one day. I think this is a very good analogy.


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    How to make it a whole year sober!

    allankay;1553092 wrote:
    People have this false idea that it helps you relax. It made me feel anxious.
    They say it helps you to socialise. It made me lose interest in people.
    Yes and yes! I couldn't agree more.

    Allan, I just read through this thread, and found it very inspiring. Congratulations on one year! And thanks for the 15 minute rule. I've added that to my arsenal. Fighting back hard this time.

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