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      Ahh, overtactive panicky mind!!

      Neney, I don't have much to add aside from what others here have already said. Just wanted to welcome you! As you probably know, there is a wealth of information on this site. The Toolbox is full of good stuff. And, of course, just reading everyone's stories is a big help.

      Hope you can do this for yourself and your kids - they deserve a sober mom. And, like everyone says, you don't know it now, but your anxiety will go away if you don't drink.

      Best to you,

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      is trying to hang in there...
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      Ahh, overtactive panicky mind!!

      Welcome! You are not a failure! Believe me, if THIS mom can get sober, then you can too! I had the worst anxiety when I was drinking. Notice I said HAD...it's gone now. The drinking is what caused it for me. I thought of every worst case scenario possible. Now I don't waste time thinking of "what if". Start fresh from this day, whatever you've done in the past can't be changed now...learn from it yes, but don't dwell on it. Your little boys don't need to ever know about this, they are young and you have plenty of time to be the mother you want to be. Don't wait as long as I did...my daughter was 12 when I decided I really had to change....for both of us!
      Stick close, you can do this and we can help!

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      Ahh, overtactive panicky mind!!

      neney - just wondering how it's going today. Is the anxiety any better? Thinking of you.

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