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    26th September, 2011.

    It's not f*cking easy, is it?

    this last week has been so bloody hard. I want nothing more than to curl up with a bottle of gin and 20 B and H and say fuck it. Fuck it all. fuck your looks, your self respect, fuck your friends, your family. Fuck it. Fuck your running, fuck your self esteem.

    I am a whisper away, PLEASE help

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    31st March, 2012.

    It's not f*cking easy, is it?

    thats what im scared of!! but youve done week well done i admire you so much,in my last pathetic quits ive got pissed and smoked my head off!!did i feel ne better???? NO NOT AT ALL please stay strong,im going for my next attemp soon x

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    12th October, 2008.

    It's not f*cking easy, is it?

    Ahoy there Halo.

    It's a mind game to be sure. Hang in there friend.

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    Small town USA.

    It's not f*cking easy, is it?

    BH - I know you are having a rough time right now. Did something in particular happen? How can we help?

    Keep venting here - scream, yell, cry - whatever you need to do - but do not take that first drink! You know where it will lead. You have worked too hard to get to where you are now. You can get through this. Just lean on us.

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    16th January, 2007.

    It's not f*cking easy, is it?

    Good morning Halo. :l

    I was a whisper away last week and I made it thru for 24 hours and then gave into the WTF moment and curled up with a fifth of was pretty awful... I felt unbelievably sick and sick and sick. I actually had to ask my husband to take over the nights activities and he has NO IDEA that I cave a time or two so this time giving in was a complete double whammy me.

    Eat...that's my best advice. Just eat and eat and eat. Byrdie always recommends staying full and it is so true. For me this is my greatest dettermt. I am a former anorexic ( control issues anyone ) so this is a tough one for me.

    Still there's no question that eating a big sandwich is so much better than lying in that bed with the world spinning and my stomach chirping and my head freezing up...

    :yuk::yuk: it super sucked...
    There is a thread called 'what I don't miss about drinking..' let me see if I can find it.
    Dump the Gin and make tea...or juice or....a big glass of water with lemon...:h

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    12th January, 2013.

    It's not f*cking easy, is it?

    I'd second the eating, and try drinking non-alcoholic things, I drank a LOT of J20 etc out of big champagne glasses at first, kidding myself it was Buck Fizz, pathetic but it got me through Christmas and my birthday. I have made it over to the shop a few times and come home with chocoate, done deals with myself that if I can make it to 10 o clock then I will go and get wine, by then the urge has passed and thankfully I am OK the vast majority of the time.

    Often it was only the thought of having to admit on here I'd cracked that kept me going, hang in there and have a :l

    You know it'll be worth it

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    17th July, 2011.

    It's not f*cking easy, is it?

    broken halo;1553091 wrote: this last week has been so bloody hard.

    I am a whisper away, PLEASE help
    Choose your "hard." Because continuing to drink is pretty damn hard too, isn't it? Isn't that why you're here in the first place? If you continue down the "hard" road of sobriety, it will all get easier. If you continue down the "hard" road of drink your life will continue to get worse. You choose.

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    1st July, 2013.

    It's not f*cking easy, is it?

    It is so hard yes, but you have done so well, every drink I have drunk in the last few months has caused chaos and misery, every day or week sober, however challenging, has given me some sense of order and either a glimmer of hope or a lot of hope.

    You have been a great friend to me on here and I can tell you that if you did succumb to that drink you would regret it the next day or even the same night.......... stay strong, don't do it. (I do totally understand that f*** it feeling, sadly it has been my downfall on many an occasion, when I have resisted it I have felt so proud the next day.

    Remember your withdrawals that went with your last drink, that could all come back, my withdrawals got worse and worse. Now I sound like I am lecturing, I'm not I just don't want you to sabotage your life!

    Sending you loving thoughts, maybe you'll be happier being back at work

    Darkest Diamond

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    15th November, 2011.

    It's not f*cking easy, is it?

    Hi BH, sending you some support. It's all a trick, I know you know that. We are here for you and want you to be the thoughtful, supportive Halo that we know. I'm sorry you're having s tough week, life can really test us some times. Let us know how you are doing when you can.

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    17th June, 2013.

    It's not f*cking easy, is it?

    Sending you support too, BH.

    What is causing these feelings? Boredom? Challenges getting on top of you? Motivation for something dropped? Relationship woes?

    Get past this feeling, that you are experiencing now and you will come out far, far stronger. Don't let a moment of weakness ruin your progress towards a better and stronger life.

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