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    How did I get here? So lost...and alone.

    If you accomplish no wine then you have achieved it all Oakley, get a few days sober and you might feel more like tackling the rest of it, be kind to yourself - you deserve it

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    How did I get here? So lost...and alone.

    Thanks Spidey! I hear steps and focus on the most important task at hand which for me right now, is not putting that poison into my body.

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    How did I get here? So lost...and alone.

    Hi Oakley - This feeling rotten part is probably par for the course. But you might feel a little better if you got something in your system. Maybe even some miso soup? Just something to keep your energy up. I must say you are one courage person...moving is a bitcharoni!! But it sounds like it will be positive for you and your kids.

    hang in there!! Things will get better. Just eat a little something some good organic fruit or miso soup or a smoothie..something!

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