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Thread: 100 days

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    30th May, 2013.

    100 days

    hello everyone
    like to thank you all for helping me on my af journey
    I would still be at day 1 with out your help
    so a big thank you

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    100 days

    Congrats Witts you must be feeling pretty damn proud of yourself, i cant wait to get to 100 days, only 92 to go.

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    28th April, 2013.

    100 days

    :wave: 100 days is huge!!congratulations!

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    100 days

    well done Witts! And thank you for your support too.

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    100 days

    yip yip yip!!! Great job on 100 days, Witts end. You're a great role model for me -- with the 100 days AF especially, but also with raising so many kids. wow. Have a wonderful sunday...

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    100 days


    Well done you! 100 days is a big achievement in this battle, treat yourself to something nice with all the money you will have saved (though I don't seem to have saved any :H).

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    100 days

    Congrats. Wonderful accomplishment.

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