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    28 days this time

    I write this to help myself, not particularly for responses.
    Have just blown 28 days AF and drank on friday night.
    Only 4 (500ml cans), would have been more if I didnt fall asleep on the sofa (as I do).
    Same again last night. Did nt go for my run this morning :-( .

    I walk around today completely lost and miserable.
    When can I start drinking ??? Pathetic, my thoughts are constantly about planning my alcohol schedule.
    I know longer like going out for a drink, would prefer to drink alone. How sad is that.

    I am really at a loss now on where to go from here.
    Cant seem to build a long period of abstinence.

    My wife drinks, but not heavily. 1/2 bottle of wine on a friday and saturday would be her usual. I drink in secret quite a bit, so she is unaware of my actual intake.

    Havent done anything "stupid" in a long time, dont miss work etc.
    When I am drinking, I struggle to put 3 straight days AF. Moderation for me is tougher than abstinence. Is it tougher because I dont seem to have a "rock bottom" moment.

    I also feel quite selfish about being on here. I am probably not the most supportive to others ? I just seem to come on here to whinge about yet another relapse !!!

    Really pissed off now, being so close to 30 days AF, which I look as a milestone.

    But I suppose, thanks to mwo, I now drink less, but I dont want "less", I want to be AF !!
    My relapses used to to go on for months. Now after a few days, I want to quit again.

    Maybe 1 day, I will celebrate "30 days" or "6 months" or maybe even a year. I really hope so.

    My father is/was a chronic alcoholic. He almost lost everything and ended up on the streets.
    He is now over 2 years sober and his life has completely turned around, a great dad and grandad now. He has no idea of my worries. Maybe I might talk to him. We are quite close.

    Anyway, I hope to go back to day 1 again. Apologies for my burdening yet again, but it really helps me to write down my shit.

    Hope you all have a nice day.

    Damo in Dublin

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    28 days this time

    read my pm and hang in there :l

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    28 days this time

    G'day Damo,

    I'm hearing you bro.

    Folks say just keep pushing through and something has to click eventually.

    Great stuff on 28 days. Positive sign you are posting. Wishing you clarity, strength and peace.

    Stick with it and get day 1 out of the way. G bloke.

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    28 days this time

    aww damo,i know exactly where youre coming from,hang in there

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    28 days this time

    Let's have a crack at this together Damo. We can do it. We have done it before and can do it again.

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    28 days this time

    Quote "Apologies for my burdening yet again, but it really helps me to write down my shit." We have the same mind set - don't want pity from others but just need some support. Today we begin the battle to conquer the Beast in the Bottle (or in the can!)

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