While I am on day 2 with no booze, this is not uncommon. I can go a few days but then I give in. I'm proud of myself for going through my brutal hangover yesterday without my usual hair of the dog remedy but I know that the urge to drink is going to hit, soon and when it does, I want to be prepared. I know enough about addiction to understand that people, places and things are our triggers. As I was telling another member a few minutes ago, I needed smokes and rather than running across the street to the market where I buy cigs and wine, I jumped in my car and went to a store that doesn't sell AL...I didn't trust myself.

I fear spending time with my friends...they have no idea how much I drink in private and while they have seen me tipsy, never have they seen me drunk. Getting together for drinks and dinner is our thing and I don't feel that moderation is an option for me...I want to abstain completely. I know how I cycle and if I have one drink at dinner, I will BELIEVE that I can have one drink at home and well, you know the routine... It's silly really, I'm 44 years old and I fear peer pressure! How do some of you deal with hanging out with friends who drink?