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    9th April, 2007.

    Am I an alcoholic?

    For me, it's important to admit that I am an alcoholic. It's been a long time coming, but I know that normal drinkers do not:
    -Hide their drinking.
    -Secretly dispose of empty bottles.
    -Have almost daily hangovers.
    -Feel rotten about self after binging.
    -Worry about internal organs.
    -Drink whole large bottles of wine at a time.
    -Drink hard & fast.
    -Obsess about alcohol (when, where, & how to get it & drink it).
    I'm on day 2 AF & want to see the zeros mount up on drink tracker; however, I know the urge can strike at any time. Thank you all for listening & being there. I haven't been so honest w/anyone in years.

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    Am I an alcoholic?

    To scared to admit that just yet.
    Heart versus head. Head is trying to convince me I'm not. Heart aint sure !!

    A -x-

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    Am I an alcoholic?

    I so appreaciate your honesty and what you have written. You are right. Social drinkers wouldn't be thinking of those things, we do. That's why we are here. Great job on day 2 and I wish you the best on all the days to come. Again thanks for being so honest that's what makes this place so great.

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    Am I an alcoholic?

    Good work on being 2 days AF! I fail all those Are You an Alcoholic tests, too. Just admitting to yourself that you have a problem with alcohol is enough to address it. Forget about the label, this isn't AA, but focus on the quality of life you would be enjoying AF than what you have with the binge drinking, hangovers, anxiety about booze and so on.

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    Am I an alcoholic?

    What Zin labeling, just forward movement. Life is a journey, and this site is a great place to ride with.

    The only things we can control is our thoughts and actions/reactions.


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    Am I an alcoholic?

    Very good list Ret. I realized when I was constantly obsessing about the state of my liver I might have a problem. You are so right that social drinkers would never think twice. Great job on two days AF. And wishing you many, many more days AF in the future.

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    Am I an alcoholic?

    I am an alcohoilc.
    I've done all that stuff.....and more
    That's why we are here.
    DrinkTracker is a very good tool.

    Well done.

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    Am I an alcoholic?

    Reteacher, your words ring very true, and I can honestly admit that once I truly admitted to myself and others that I was an alcoholic everthing seemed to get easier.

    It's amazing how our minds can work, isn't it? We can deny and deny, saying this time I will be able to control it - but for me it never happened. Only after I accepted it was I able to move forward.

    Great insight and thanks for posting (and sharing your journey with us).

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    Am I an alcoholic?

    It couldn't hurt...

    Ret ... to get bloodwork done and a profile done so you can see if there is damage to your internal organs. Ask for it when you get a cholesterol test , also glucose is key because alcohol is high in sugar. Again, just a suggestion -- but I had it done & wake up call for me!!!!! May 11th will be 30 days! LaLiz

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    Am I an alcoholic?

    hi Ret,

    Yep, failed them all - but still can't use the term 'alcoholic' - lack of courage I suppose. I recognise that I have a problem with alcohol and have verbalised that (both to myself and others), and in whatever form it takes, I agree that honesty with ourselves is crucial to our recovery. So whatever it takes to give an extra edge to our determination to beat it, then use it!

    Thank you for your honesty - it's quite a reminder to read the list - this is why I don't /can't drink any more! Many congrats on your 2 days AF - long may it continue climbing.

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