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    Who has been through some sort of therapy on here?

    Has it helped? Does it need to be ongoing? Does the NHS offer any form of therapy?

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    Hi there,
    I've had counselling before and found it extremely useful. I also volunteer in an Alcohol & Drug service in the North East of England where various therapies are used including massage and acupuncture and although its not NHS .......its free.

    First port of call would be your GP............he/she will be able to get you onto a counsellor but there will be a waiting list. I'm taking it for granted your in London this number might help or at least put you in touch with a service near you.

    Community drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services - CNWL NHS
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    I attended two lots. The first was with an NHS drugs and alcohol advisory service. They were rubbish to be frank. Their main focus appeared to me to be about maintaining heroin addicts - quite a few of who were usually hanging around outside smoking. Not to look down on them or anything, but they seemed to have major lifestyle issues. When I turned up I had been sober for a couple of weeks and was pretty well motivated at the time. I still needed support though but I was strongly discouraged because I appeared to be motivated. I had to pressure them for a second session. I was still sober then but a week or two later was drinking.

    I also attended a local volunteers counselling service. The counsellors were volunteers, though they had received some sort of training. I attended there for four sessions and then knocked it on the head.

    Personally I didn't find either very helpful. That's just me though. The longest periods I have been sober were when I attended AA - ten months last year. But I grew in the end to dislike and mistrust AA and its approach.

    I sound negative, for which apologies. I am sure talking therapies help some people but personally I think wherever you find the personal motivation and desire to stay stopped is what works.

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    I am all for trying therapy Londoner.
    It hasnt solved everything for me, but I never regret giving it a try.

    For me I think 'have an open mind.'
    These days I do a bit of meditation, lots of yoga & tons of time with my horse. The horse does the best to calm me down when things get out of control. He requires my full attention taking my mind off worries of the moment. Later those worries often seem a waste of time.
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    hi, Londoner. I'm in the US, and have been going to a therapist for almost 5 years. I don't go strictly for alcohol abuse, but that is a topic that comes up more often than not. I only go once a month (used to be more often when I was going through a divorce). It's taken a long time, but I have made huge strides (huge for ME, probably not huge for most). I keep going because I glean a lot of comfort and tend to believe in myself MUCH more than I used to. My therapist is kind of my rock. It's a safe place to go, and it feels so comforting to have that. I sometimes wonder if I NEED to go, and certainly I can function in life, but it's a valuable indulgence to me.
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    One of the best and smartest things I ever did was go to a counsellor Londoner, she didn't lecture me, but helped me to see and understand what triggered my binges. She then helped me with ways to deal with those things without having to drink. It was time well spent!
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    My hubby is undergoing therapy along with medication to help with urges. He just started 2 weeks ago, but it's going pretty well.
    No matter how far you go or how fast you run, you can't get away from yourself. ....said at an AA meeting. It stuck with me.

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