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Two days ago i reached my 90s mark for the 4th time. Only difference this time is that the alcohol obsession, cravings, relapse worries, dreading social events, etc are absolutely non-existent. Difference this time around is i am on Campral. This medication balances the brain chemistry, which has been thrown of by years of alcohol abuse. There are no noticeable changes like euphoria when taking Campral. ..none of that. What you notice is that weeks have rolled by and NOT one time has alcohol accupied more than a couple of seconds of your time. I have fought nutritionally and prayerfully to overcome this disease but have always fallen back due to faulty thinking and cravings. I have also addressed my depression by taking a good quality B complex, a multi vitamin, tryptophan, magnesium glycinate, probiotic to heal digestive issues (90% of serotonin is made in the digestive system...if you have digestive issues, a good quality probiotic is needed. I like Culturell)... Lastly i use very little to no sugar most days. No cake, ice cream, cookies, soda....water. ..water and more water with lemon. I also don't eat fried or grease foods like pizza, pasta, chinese food etc. I make exercise priority first thing in the morning. Prayer and exercise in that order. Just sharing just in case anyone is struggling, there is hope. This is now my wayout and i thank God for finding this regimen. Recommended dose is 6 pills a day. I have not needed that many. Just 2 pills with my b complex, multi and tryptophan on an empty stomach first thing in the morning works just fine.
Hi Lizker-
Can you tell me what your specific supplement regimen is? How many mg of each and when do you take them? Which ones do you take together...after a meal...multiple times a day...? I am inspired by you.